Comparative Laws Across the U.S.


These comparative tables of laws are used to summarize an area of the law across all fifty states. The important aspects of each state's law are broken down into columns that can be viewed in the table. Topics range from state laws on dog tethering to reporting of animal cruelty to regulation of commercial pet breeders. Each table has a link that goes to the actual law from each state. This page will keep growing as new comparative tables are added.

Comparative Laws Across the U.S.

Below is a list of topics for which a comparative table of laws has been completed. The comparative tables describe state laws concerning these topics with links to the text of the laws. More tables are in development, so check back frequently to see what has been added.

Dog/Pet Issues

Animal Cruelty Issues

Amendments/Ballot Proposals

Other Tables

Dangerous Dog Laws

Animals Left in Parked Vehicles2021 Amendments to State LawsService Animal Laws
Pet Purchaser Protection ActsAnimal Sexual Assault Laws2020 Amendments to State LawsRabies Laws Concerning Cats

Minimum Age for Sale of Puppies

Veterinary Reporting Requirement and Immunity Laws

2019 Amendments to State Laws

Great Ape Possession Laws

Dog Tether Laws

Reporting Animal Cruelty

2018 Amendments to State Laws

Lien Laws 

Commercial Pet Breeders Laws

Humane Society Enforcement Powers

2017 Amendments to State Laws


Dog Bite Strict Liability Laws


2016 Amendments to State Laws


Dog Leash Laws


2015 Amendments to State Laws



2014 Amendments to State Laws



 2013 Amendments to State Laws 
  2012 Amendments to State Laws 
  2011 Amendments to State Laws 
  Ballot Measures, Propositions, and Citizen Initiatives (1998 to Present)