Maps of U.S. Laws

Summary: The following links provide access to maps on various animal law-related topics.

Maps of U.S. Laws


Listed are U.S. Maps of Laws for various animal-related topics:

Animals in Parked Vehicles Laws (Dogs in Hot Cars)

Anti-Cruelty and Neglect Laws

New! Anti-cruelty laws that restrain future ownership of animals

New! "Beagle Freedom" Laws (laws that allow adoption of research animals)

Disaster Planning Laws (State)

New! Dogs in Outdoor Dining/Restaurants

Dog Laws (State)

Dog Tethering/Chaining Laws

Domestic Violence Protection Laws that Include Pets

Equine Activity Liability Laws

Exotic Pet Ownership Laws

Facility Dogs/Courthouse Support Dogs

New! Fraudulent Assistance Animals in Housing Laws

Fraudulent Service Animal Laws

Holding Period Laws for Impounded Companion Animals

Internet or Computer-Assisted Hunting Laws

Pet Trust Laws

Rabies Vaccination Laws for Dogs

Service Animal Trainer Access Laws

Service Animal Harassment/Interference Laws

Student Choice/Dissection Laws

Veterinary Reporting and Immunity Laws