Topical Introductions

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Summary: Welcome to our Topical Introductions Page! Topical Introductions function as portals to more information on specific topics from "ag-gag" to zoos. Each topic introduction contains a collection of legal materials (cases, laws, and articles) for a specific issue with a short summary and detailed legal analysis. Topics range from companion animal issues (like dog bite laws, lost pets, and custody issues involving pets in divorce) to complex federal laws such as the U.S. Endangered Species Act or the Animal Welfare Act. Are you looking for a specific topic? Go to our Purple Navigation Bar and select "Search Materials." From there, go to "Legal Materials Type" and scroll down to "Topical Introductions" to select one of our 90+ different topics. Each topic is listed in alphabetical order.

Many of the topics on this page were financially supported by the Animal Legal Defense Fund and, since 2020, by Brooks Institute for Animal Rights Law and Policy, Inc.




Companion Animal Issues and Pet Sale Issues

Farm Animal Issues

Federal Laws, Wildlife Issues, and World Law

Service and Assistance Animal Issues

Equine Issues

Great Apes

Cruelty, Police Shooting Pets, Hoarding, and Domestic Violence Issues

Veterinary and Pet Damages Issues

Pet Planning Issues (disaster planning, divorce/custody, estate planning)

Captive Animals and Wildlife (animal in films, exotic pets, circuses, rodeos, and zoos)

Research Animal Issues

Animal Rights and Advocacy Issues

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