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The Animal Legal & Historical Center houses laws, cases, and scholarly discussions on animal law topics from across the globe. See the different ways to access materials from different countries and regions below. 

Legal Topics

The center has a comprehensive collection of several non-US topics. Legal topics introduce various animal law topics beginning with a general overview of that country's animal protection laws. These topics are organized by region and by country. 

kangaroo on grass Australia 


geese flying on lake Canada

Small grey and white bird European Union

white cowIndia

White foxNorway

alpaca eating grassLatin America

horseThe United Kingdom

Websites on Animal Law

The following list includes websites that have an animal law focus. 

Scholarly Journals from Around the World

Our web library houses several journals produced in other countries. 

Search for Materials

Under the Search Materials tab at the purple top navigation, readers can access administrative regulations, cases, articles, and laws from around the globe. Our library contains materials from over 50 countries from Australia to Zimbabwe. Select your desired country and then limit by legal material type or even topic. 

If you have any suggestions on legal materials, topics, animal law websites, or scholarly journals for the center to consider, email us at

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