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MO - Equine Activity Liability - 537.325. Definitions--liability for equine or livestock This Missouri statute provides that an equine activity sponsor, an equine professional or any other person shall not be liable for an injury to or the death of a participant resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities and no participant shall make maintain an action against an equine operator. Statutory definitions are provided, including "participant," "inherent risk," and who is considered an "equine sponsor" or "equine professional." The term "engages in an equine activity" does not include being a spectator at an equine activity, except in cases where the spectator places him or herself in an unauthorized area. The statute also requires the visible displaying of warning signs that alert participants to the limitation of liability by law.
MO - Exotic - Chapter 578. Miscellaneous Offenses. Large Carnivores The “Large Carnivore Act” pertains to large cats and bears that are nonnative to Missouri and held in captivity. The Act prohibits ownership, possession, breeding, and transportation of large carnivores (with exceptions). The Act creates civil and criminal liability for persons who own or possess a large carnivore. Violations may result in misdemeanor or felony convictions, community service work, the loss of privileges to own or possess any animal, and forfeiture of a large carnivore.
MO - Exotic pet - 578.023. Keeping a dangerous wild animal, penalty This Missouri law states that no person may keep any lion, tiger, leopard, ocelot, jaguar, cheetah, margay, mountain lion, Canada lynx, bobcat, jaguarundi, hyena, wolf, bear, nonhuman primate, coyote, any deadly, dangerous, or poisonous reptile, or any deadly or dangerous reptile over eight feet long, in any place other than a properly maintained zoological park, circus, scientific, or educational institution, research laboratory, veterinary hospital, or animal refuge, unless such person has registered such animals with the local law enforcement agency in the county in which the animal is kept. Violation is a class C misdemeanor.
MO - Ferguson - Breed - Sec. 6-21. Regulation of pit bull dogs.

In Ferguson, Missouri, it is unlawful to keep, harbor, own, or possess any pit bull, with exceptions for dogs in the city on the effective date of the ordinance. Such dogs must be registered and properly confined, or else kept on a leash and a muzzle. Owners must post "Beware of Dog--Pit Bull" signs, keep liability insurance, and photographs for identification purposes. Violations may result in fines and imprisonment, as well as the seizure and impoundment of the dog.

MO - Fish and Game - Chapter 252 (The Wildlife and Forestry Law)

This chapter establishes the Missouri Department of Conservation, outlines the agency's scope of authority, and includes all of the state's wildlife and endangered species statutes.

MO - Florissant - Breed - SECTION 205.395: REGULATION OF PIT BULL DOGS

In Florissant, Missouri, it is unlawful to keep, harbor, own, or possess any pit bull, except pit bulls licensed on the effective date are allowed. Such dogs are subject to certain requirements, such as owners taking identifying photographs, keeping the dog properly confined and/or secured, posting a "Beware of Dog--Pit Bull" sign, keeping $100,000 liability insurance, and sterilizing the dog. A violation may result in seizure and impoundment of the dog.

MO - Health - Animal Quarantines This rule provides for the isolation or quarantine of animals with a communicable disease and authorizes the closing of places of public and private assembly as necessary for the protection of public health.
MO - Health - Health Requirements for Movement of Livestock, Poultry and Exotic Animals

This set of regulations establishes the health requirements for importing and transporting domestic animals, exotic animals, and household pets.

MO - Hunting - Chapter 537. Torts and Actions for Damages. This Missouri law reflects the state's hunter harassment provision. Under the law, any person who intentionally interferes with the lawful taking of wildlife by another is guilty of the crime of interference with lawful hunting, fishing or trapping in the first degree. Violation is a class A misdemeanor. Additionally, any person who enters or remains in a hunting, fishing or trapping area where lawful hunting, fishing or trapping may occur with the intent to interfere with the lawful taking of wildlife is guilty of the crime of interference with lawful hunting, fishing or trapping in the second degree. Violation of this section is a class B misdemeanor. A court may enjoin conduct which would be in violation of the hunting interference laws and damages, including punitive damages, may be awarded to person adversely affected.
MO - Impound - Chapter 273. Dogs--Cats. Local Option Dog Tax. This Missouri statute provides that every city or town marshal of every incorporated city or town shall seize and impound all dogs found running at large without collars around their necks. These dogs will be kept for a period of one week after which they shall be put to death by humane methods. The statute further states that any marshal who shall fail or refuse to take up and impound any such dog shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction thereof fined not less than five dollars nor more than twenty-five dollars.