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Brazil Lane Azevedo Clayton

Brief Summary of Brazil's Legal Structure for Animal Issues
Lane Azevedo Clayton (2011)


Topical Introduction
Brazil - Federal Decree on Anti-Cruelty

This is a short summary of the federal decree that gives federal jurisdiction over some domestic animal issues.

Brazil - Animal Cruelty - Decreto-lei nº 24645,

Art. 1º - Todos os animais existentes no País sno tutelados do Estado.

Brazil - Biodiversity Treaty- Acceptance

Brazil's Ratification of the Biodiversity Treaty: Decree No. 2, dated 3/2/94,

Brazil - Constitution (Portuguese) - Constituiclo Federal do Brazil - Protecclo dos Animais CHAPTER VI, ART. 225

Constituiclo Federal do Brazil - Protecclo dos Animais

Brazil - Constitutional Provision - Animal TITLE Vlll, CHAP. VI, ART. 225

Article 8 of the Constitution provides for legal concern about animals.(See, VII. of Paragraph 1.) 

Brazil - Crimes - Brazilian Environmental Crimes Law Law 9, 605 (Feb 12, 1998)

This law of Brazil seeks to protect wildlife and plants of the country, particularly endangered species. 

Brazil - Dogs and Cats - Sao Paulo State Law n. 12.916 (no kill ordinance) Sao Paulo State Law n. 12.916, concerning stray dogs and cats

Sao Paulo state becomes the first Brazilian state to enact a law banning the killing of stray dogs and cat as a population control practice. The law n. 12.916 was enacted in April 16, 2008. The law asserts that animal control agencies shall work together with non-profits and other organizations to reach the law’s objective which is the sterilization of domestic animals as a form of population control, to establish adoption centers, and to put forward adoption programs for stray animals. In addition, the animal control agencies shall promote educational programs about responsible pet ownership.

First national report for the Convention on Biological Diversity - BRAZIL Brazil Ministry of Environment This is Brazil's first national report for the Convention of Biological Diversity. The report explains the balance between the interests of countries, which are sources of, and conserve, biological diversity (Brazil and other tropical countries) and the nations that are principally users of such biodiversity (the industrialised countries, consumers of the products of biodiversity and of genetic resources for their biotechnological development). Article
HOT, CROWDED, AND LEGAL: A LOOK AT INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURE IN THE UNITED STATES AND BRAZIL David N. Cassuto & Sarah Saville Cassuto & Sarah Saville 18 Animal L. 185 (2012) Over the last sixty years, industrial agriculture has expanded in the United States and throughout the world, including in Brazil. Any benefit this expansion has brought comes at significant environmental and social costs. Industrial agriculture is a leading contributor to global climate change, air and water pollution, deforestation, and dangers in the workplace. This Article discusses the impact of industrial animal agriculture in the U.S. and Brazil. It also examines the laws pertaining to industrial agriculture in both countries and provides a comparative analysis of the two legal regimes. Finally, this Article concludes with the observation that although the price to the U.S. and Brazil of remedying these impacts are high, the costs to humans, animals, and the environment by failing to do so is immeasurable. Article