Full Title Name:  Brazil - Decreto-lei nº 24645,

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Country of Origin:  Brazil Agency Origin:  President

Art. 1º - Todos os animais existentes no País sno tutelados do Estado.

Art. 1 - All existing animals in the country sno wards of the state.

Art. 2 ... (Bs article on penalties) *

§ 3 The serno animal assisted in court by representatives of

Prosecutors, their legal substitutes and members of societies

protective animals.

Art. 3 - are considered abuse:

I - acts of abuse or cruelty in any animal;

II - keeping animals in anti-higiLnicos places or to prevent them

respiraçno, motion or rest, or deprive of air or light;

III - forcing animals to excessive or their top jobs Bs

forces and any act that results in suffering for their efforts to obtain,

reasonably Nfrom if they may require senno with punishment;

IV - strike, injure, maim or voluntarily, or any órgno

tissue economy, except castraçno only to domestic animals, or operaçtes

others practiced in unique animal benefit and those required for defense

man, or in the interest of ciLncia;

V - abandon sick, injured, exhausted or mutilated animal, and

help teach you everything humanely if you can provide,

including veterinary assistLncia;

VI - Nfrom give quick death, free from prolonged suffering at all

animal whose death is necessary for the consumer or Nfrom;

VII - slaughtered for consumption or do work animals in times

Early gestaçno;

VIII - tow, the same vehicle, agricultural or industrial instrument

cattle with horses, mules or donkeys with, being only allowed

work together to animals of the same species;

IX - animals tow vehicles without the necessary accoutrements as

are rockers, hooks and spears or incomplete harness, uncomfortable or

poor condition, or addition of accessory that molest them or

disturb the functioning of the organism;

X - use blind pet service, wounded, sick, weak, exhausted

or unshod, and this latter case applies only locality B

with cobbled streets;

XI - whip, strike or punish in any way to an animal, fallen

under the vehicle or with him, with the driver desprendL shot to

get up;

XII - down hills with traçno animal vehicles without the utilizaçno

its locks, whose use is mandatory;

XIII - fail to coat with leather or material quality idLntica

PROTECNO of the chains tied to shooting animals;

XIV - lead traçno animal vehicle, driven by a seated driver,

without it, and has fixed cab harnesses with appropriate shears, pointed

guide and boom;

XV - hold animals behind Bs vehicles or knotted tails of others;

XVI - make traveling an animal walk more than 10 kilometers, without giving

rest, or work more than 6 continuous hours without giving him food and water;

XVII - store embedded animals for more than 12 hours without water and

food, should provide transport companies, on the necessary

modificaçtes in your material, within 12 months from the publication do

this law;

XVIII - driving animal, by any means locomoçno, placed

head down, MNOs or bound feet, or ... (impossible to visualize,

as well as paragraphs XIX, XX and XXI);


XXII - have closed along with other animals that terrorize

or harass;

XXIII - have animals for sale in B sites that bring together the Nfrom

condiçtes hygiene and for convenience;

XXIV - to explain the markets and other sales points for more than 12

hours, caged birds, without making these proper cleaning and water renovaçno

and food;

XXV - fat birds mechanically;

XXVI - pelt or plucking live animals or hand them alive B

alimentaçno other;

XXVII - minister teaching the animals with physical abuse;

XXVIII - practice shooting on ducks or any animal

wild, except for pigeons in societies, hunting clubs, enrolled in the Service

Hunting and Fishing;

XXIX - perform or promote fights between animals of the same species or

different species, bullfighting or mock bullfights still even in place


XXX - throw birds and other animals in entertainment venues and display them

to take sorts or perform stunts;

XXXI - transport, trade or hunt at any time of year, birds

insectivorous, songbirds, hummingbirds, and other small birds

size, exceçno made of autorizaçtes for scientific purposes set out in

previous law;

Art. 4 - It is only allowed animal traçno vehicles or instruments

agricultural and industrial by animals of the equine species, cattle, camel and donkey.

Art. 5 - In two- traçno animal wheels is mandatory

use of struts or support fixed by hinge, both at the front, and

at the rear, in order to avoid that when the vehicle is stopped,

load weight falls on the animal and also to the effects on sense

Unlike when the load weight is in the rear of the vehicle.

Art. 6 - In cities and towns the B suit pet traçno vehicles

eardrum or other warning signs, actionable by the driver, being forbidden the use

of bells or bells attached to the harness or vehicles to

produce constant noise.

Art. 7 - The load for the vehicle for a number of animals,

should be fixed by municipalities, according whenever the state of the roads

public, the same slope, weight and type of vehicle, making

included in the permit tare and payload.

Art. 8 - are considered violent punishments, subject to double the penalties

comminated in this law, punish the animal in the head, lower abdomen or


Art. 9 - Become takes effect the penalty in any case without

loss of up to stop the mistreatment B expense of found responsible.

Art. 10 - Sno jointly and severally liable to the fine and prisno

Animal owners and that have under their custody or use, provided that consent,

their representatives, allowed Nfrom acts of this law.

Art. 11 - In any case it will be legitimate to charge the guarantee of

fine or fines, apreensno animal or vehicle or both.

Art. 12 - The serno pecuniary penalties imposed by the police or

municipal authority and serno prisno feather falls to the authorities


Art. 13 - The penalties of this law apply it to everyone who inflict

maltreatment or eliminate an animal without proving that was affected by this or

that it is wild beast or wholesale dangerous disease.

Art. 14 - The authority aware of any infraçno

this law may order the confiscation of the animal or animals, in cases of


Art. 15 - In all cases of reincidLncia or when ill-treatment

will determine the death of the animal, or produce any of mutilaçno

órgnos or its members, both a fine as a simple serno prisno

applied twice.

Art. 16 - The federal, state and municipal authorities to prestarno

members of animal protection societies to cooperaçno needed to make

compliance with this law.

Art. 17 - Animal word of this Law comprises all be

irrational, quadruped or biped, domestic or wild, except the ill.

Art. 18 - This Act shall take effect immediately, regardless of


Art. 19 - Revokes the disposiçtes otherwise;

  The penalties provided for in this outdated estno law.

It is recommended to make use of Law No. 9605/98, in their entirety, to obtain data

updated in relaçno Bs penalties applied in cases mentioned here.

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