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US - Critical Habitat - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Final Rule To Designate Critical Habitat for the Buena Vi

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), designated critical habitat for the Buena Vista Lake shrew (Sorex ornatus relictus) (referred to here as the shrew) pursuant to the Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended (Act). In total, approximately 84 acres (ac) (34 hectares (ha)) occur within the boundaries of the critical habitat designation. The critical habitat is located in the Central Valley floor of Kern County, California.

US - Critical Habitat - Statements by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Regarding the Designation of Critical Habitat

This excerpt is from the

Designation of Critical Habitat for the Klamath River and Columbia River Populations of Bull Trout, 69 FR 59996-01, 2004 WL 2232024 (F.R.).  It apparently expresses the opinion of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service that the current process for designating critical habitat does little for the conservation of listed species.

US - Critical Habitat Listing for the Arroyo Toad
This rule designates 11,695 acres of critical habitat for the arroyo toad in

Santa Barbara




Los Angeles


San Bernardino

and Riverside counties in




FWS had to designate critical habitat for the arroyo toad as a result of a settlement agreement in

Center for Biological Diversity v. United States Fish and Wildlife Service



The critical habitat was designated in accordance with the Endangered Species Act of 1973 and its amendments.


This specific critical habitat is a revision of the final rule on arroyo toad critical habitat designation of 2/1/01 (

69 FR 9414

), which was deemed deficient and was overruled.


US - Cruelty - § 11.446 Cruelty to animals.

This regulation concerns acts of animal cruelty on Indian reservations or under the jurisdiction of tribal courts. According to § 11.446, a person commits a misdemeanor if he or she purposely or recklessly subjects any animal in his or her custody to cruel neglect; subjects any animal to cruel mistreatment; kills or injures any animal belonging to another without legal privilege or consent of the owner; or causes one animal to fight with another.

US - Cruelty - § 48. Animal crush videos This federal law was amended in November 2019 to expand its prohibition on "animal crush videos" to "crushing" that affects interstate or foreign commerce or occurs within the special maritime or territorial jurisdiction of the U.S. "Crushing" is defined as "actual conduct in which one or more living non-human mammals, birds, reptiles, or amphibians is purposely crushed, burned, drowned, suffocated, impaled, or otherwise subjected to serious bodily injury (as defined in section 1365 and including conduct that, if committed against a person and in the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, would violate section 2241 or 2242." Exceptions exist for things like veterinary care, animal husbandry, animal slaughter, hunting and fishing, medical or scientific research, personal protection, and animal euthanasia. Violation incurs a fine or imprisonment for not more than 7 years or both fine and imprisonment.
US - Disability - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Following are excerpted sections from the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 that relate to assistance animals. Also included is § 1311 of the Civil Rights Act that defines discriminatory practices and outlines the remedies for such violations.
US - Disease - African rodents and other animals that may carry the monkeypox virus. 21 C.F.R. § 1240.63

The CDC and the FDA banned the possession, sale, and distribution of rodents suspected of spreading monkeypox. Note: this regulation has since been deleted and reserved.

US - Divorce/Custody - Uniform Marriage & Divorce Act. Section 307. Part III Dissolution. Section 307 Disposition of Property. Uniform act created to address division of marital property upon divorce in equitable distribution jurisdiction. Two alternatives are given, directing equitable apportionment in one and division in just proportions in the other.
US - Divorce/Custody - United States. Uniform Marital Property Act. Section 4. Classification of Property of Spouses. Uniform act created to address division of marital property upon divorce in community property jurisdictions.
US - Dogs at Large - Chapter X. Presidio Trust. Part 1002. Resource Protection, Public Use and Recreation. § 1002.15 Pets.

This rule sets outs the prohibitions for pets in the Presidio Trust.