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US - Endangered Species - Part 222 - General Endangered and Threatened Marine Species

These ESA (Endangered Species Act) regulations relate to certificate of exemptions for pre-Act endangered species part under the general regulations for endangered and threatened marine species.  The Assistant Administrator may issue permits for scientific purposes or for the enhancement of the propagation or survival of the affected endangered or threatened species in accordance with these regulations.  Any person to whom a Certificate of Exemption has been issued by the National Marine Fisheries Service may apply to the Assistant Administrator for renewal of such certificate.

US - Endangered Species - Part 402 - Interagency Cooperation

These ESA (Endangered Species Act) regulations outline the rules for joint or interagency actions under the Act.  Specifically, the regulations state that each federal agency shall confer with the Service (USFWS) on any action which is likely to jeopardize the continued existence of any proposed species or result in the destruction or adverse modification of proposed critical habitat; confer on the coordination of biological assessments and consultations; and confer regarding Fire Plan Project rules, among other things.

US - Endangered Species - Part 81. Conservation of Endangered and Threatened Species

These ESA (Endangered Species Act) regulations relate to agreements with the states, or signed documented statements of the actions to be taken by the State(s) and the Secretary in furthering the purposes of the Act.  The Secretary is authorized by the Act to cooperate with any State which establishes and maintains an adequate and active program for the conservation of various endangered and threatened species.

US - Endangered Species - Subpart A. Introduction and General Provisions

These regulations for the Endangered Species Act (ESA) cover the introductory materials, including the purpose, definitions, and scope of the administrative regulations.  They also include regulations related to "pre-Act" wildlife and examples of such possession as well as provisions for Native Alaskans.

US - Endangered Species - Subpart B. Restrictions Applicable to Threatened Marine and Anadromous Species

These ESA (Endangered Species Act) regulations pertain to the protection of marine and anadromous species.

US - Endangered Species - Subpart B. § 17.11 Endangered and threatened wildlife.

The list in this section contains the names of all species of wildlife which have been determined by the Services to be Endangered or Threatened. It also contains the names of species of wildlife treated as Endangered or Threatened because they are sufficiently similar in appearance to Endangered or Threatened species.  

US - Endangered Species - Subpart C. Endangered Wildlife

These Endangered Species Act regulations describe illegal actions with respect to endangered wildlife, including prohibited taking, transporting, and selling among other things.  They also outline exceptions to the taking prohibition including those related to scientific purposes, enhancement of a species propagation, and economic hardship permits.

US - Endangered Species - Subpart D. Threatened Wildlife

These Endangered Species Act regulations relate to threatened species.  Included in the provisions are requirements for obtaining permits to take such species for one of the following purposes:  scientific purposes, or the enhancement of propagation or survival, or economic hardship, or zoological exhibition, or educational purposes, or incidental taking, or special purposes consistent with the purposes of the Act.  Also included are special rules for certain mammals, reptiles, birds, and fishes among other species.

US - Endangered Species - Subpart E - Similarity of Appearance

This Subpart of the ESA regulations allows the designation of a species, which is not Endangered or Threatened but closely resembles an Endangered or Threatened species, as a "de facto" Endangered or Threatened species if the director of the USFWS determines the listing is necessary.  Factors that influence this decision include the degree of difficulty enforcement personnel would have in distinguishing the species from an Endangered or Threatened species (including those cases where the criteria for recognition of a species are based on geographical boundaries); the additional threat posed to the Endangered or Threatened species by the loss of control occasioned because of the similarity of appearance; and the probability that so designating a similar species will substantially facilitate enforcement and further the purposes and policy of the Act.

US - Endangered Species - Subpart I - Interagency Cooperation

This section of the ESA regulations provides that all federal agencies must insure that any action authorized, funded, or carried out by them is not likely to result in the destruction or adverse modification of the constituent elements essential to the conservation of the listed species within these defined Critical Habitats. It also gives greater definition of what constitutes "Critical Habitat" and how agencies and interested parties can locate the boundaries of specified critical habitats.