Full Statute Name:  Tennessee Hunting Rights Amendment (2010)

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Primary Citation:  Tennessee Hunting Rights Amendment (2010) (passed) Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  September, 2014 Date Adopted:  2010
Summary: The proposed amendment on the 2010 ballot provides for the personal right to hunt and fish subject to state laws, regulations, and existing property rights. The measure also states that "traditional manners and means" may be used to take non-threatened species. It passed with an overwhelming majority of the vote.


Yes - 87.38%

No - 12.62%

Shall Article XI, Section 13 of the Constitution of the State of Tennessee be amended by adding the following sentences at the end of the section:

The citizens of this state shall have the personal right to hunt and fish, subject to reasonable regulations and restrictions prescribed by law. The recognition of this right does not abrogate any private or public property rights, nor does it limit the state's power to regulate commercial activity. Traditional manners and means may be used to take non-threatened species.

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