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WI - Hunting - 29.083. Interference with hunting, fishing or trapping This law reflects Wisconsin's hunter harassment provision. Under the law, no person may interfere or attempt to interfere with lawful hunting, fishing or trapping with the intent to prevent the taking of a wild animal. It is an affirmative defense to the prosecution for violation of this section if the defendant's conduct is protected by his or her right to freedom of speech under the constitution of this state or of the United States. A court may enjoin action prohibited under this statute and may award damages, including punitive and special damages, to a person adversely affected.
WI - Hunting - 951.09. Shooting at caged or staked animals This Wisconsin statute prohibits the killing or aiding in killing or wounding by use of deadly weapon of any animal that is tied, staked out, caged or otherwise intentionally confined in a man-made enclosure, regardless of size. However, nothing in this section prohibits the shooting of any wild game in its wild state.
WI - Import - 95.20. Import and movement of animals Under this Wisconsin statute, the importation or movement of animals may be prohibited or regulated if it is necessary to prevent the introduction or spread of a disease that threatens the health of animals or of humans.
WI - Importation - Wildlife, Chapter 10. Animal Diseases and Movement. In this set of Wisconsin regulations, "wild animal" does not include a domestic animal identified in s. ATCP 10.02 (livestock, poultry, and other domestic animals). The majority of the regulations here concern disease detection, inoculation, and prevention in domestic herds. However, a person who imports an animal must comply with importing requirements including obtaining a permit under ATCP 10.07. Importation of specific species (dog, cats, exotic ruminants, camelids, elephants, etc.) are covered in 10.80 - 10.86.
WI - Impound - 173.13. Taking custody of animals This Wisconsin statute provides that a humane officer may take into custody (impound) an animal that he or she has reasonable grounds to believe is abandoned, stray, unwanted, unlicensed/untagged, not in compliance with an ordinance or quarantine, has caused damage, has been a participant in a fight, is the victim of cruelty, or was delivered by a veterinarian under the provisions of this statute. If the owner of the impounded animal is known to the humane officer, then the officer shall promptly notify the owner in writing if he or she can be identified and located with reasonable effort.
WI - Impound - 173.23. Disposition of animals This Wisconsin statue provides the necessary elements for an owner needs to retrieve his or her impounded dog. Included are reasonable proof of ownership, licensure if required by statute or ordinance, proof of vaccination as required by ordinance, and payment of charges. If an animal is not claimed, the statute outlines several dispositions, such as adoption, euthanization, and sale of the animal at public auction, including sale at a licensed animal market.
WI - Juneau - Breed - 6.04.090 Pit bulls and other dangerous animals.

It is unlawful to keep, harbor, own or possess any pit bull dog in Juneau, Wisconsin, with an exception for pit bulls registered on the day the ordinance became effective. Such dogs may be kept within the city subject to certain requirements, such as proper confinement, the use of a leash and muzzle, the posting of "Beware of Dog" signs, and the maintenance of $50,000 liability insurance for personal injury caused by a pit bull.

WI - Lost Property - Chapter 170. Strays and Lost Chattels. These statutes comprise Wisconsin's lost property provisions.
WI - Montello - Breed - § 117-17 Pit Bull Dogs.

In Montello, Wisconsin, it is unlawful to keep, harbor, own or possess any pit bull dog, provided that dogs previously registered may be kept subject to certain requirement. These requirements are keeping the dog properly confined or on a leash and muzzle, posting a "Beware of Dog” sign, keeping $50,000 liability insurance, and taking photographs for identification purposes. Sale or transfer of ownership of pit bulls is prohibited. Failure to comply may result in the seizure and impoundment of the dog, a fine of up to $1,000 and imprisonment for up to 30 days.

WI - Ordinances - 59.52. County administration This Wisconsin statute provides a schedule for destruction of obsolete town records, which includes dog licenses after three years.