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Sentencia Constitucional 1982/2011-R- Bolivia
Bolivia - Wildlife - Ley No. 1333
Bolivia - Wildlife - Ley 2352, 2002
Bolivia - Rights of nature - LEY Nº 300, 2012 Ley 300 establishes the legal framework for the conservation of the environment, or "mother earth." This law recognizes the rights of mother earth and the legal status that are subjects of rights.
Bolivia - Rights of nature - LEY 71, 2010 Ley 71 is “the law for the rights of mother earth." This law recognizes the rights of Mother Earth, as well as the obligations and duties of the government and society to guarantee respect for these rights. This law gives the environment, or "mother earth," and all its components, the status of collective subject of public interest for the purpose of guaranteeing the protection of its rights.
Bolivia - Endangered species - Ley N° 12301
Bolivia - Dangerous dog - LEY Nº 553 , 2014 This law contains the legal framework that establishes the minimum legal conditions for the possession of dangerous dogs. The purpose of this law is to prevent aggression against people and their property by prohibiting the possession of dangerous dogs. Possession of dangerous dogs is allowed with prior authorization, obtaining a license, and compliance with safety measures established in this law.
Bolivia - Cruelty - Ley 700, 2015 Ley 700, is the animal cruelty statute of Bolivia. This law lays out the rules for the defense of animals against cruelty committed by humans. Animals are considered part of mother earth, and therefore, their life has to be defended and respected. This law punishes physical, psychological, emotional and sexual mistreatment, and prohibits the breeding of domestic animals for commercial purposes. It also prohibits sport hunting and overworking animals, especially those of an older age.
Bolivia - Circus - LEY Nº 4040, 2009
Bolivia - Animal control - LEY Nº 4095, 2009