Full Statute Name:  LEY 71, 2010 (“The law for the rights of mother earth”)

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Popular Title:  “The law for the rights of mother earth” Country of Origin:  Bolivia Last Checked:  June, 2018 Date Adopted:  2010 Historical: 
Summary: Ley 71 is “the law for the rights of mother earth." This law recognizes the rights of Mother Earth, as well as the obligations and duties of the government and society to guarantee respect for these rights. This law gives the environment, or "mother earth," and all its components, the status of collective subject of public interest for the purpose of guaranteeing the protection of its rights.
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Article 3, defines ‘mother earth’ as “the dynamic living system constructed by an indivisible community of all systems of life and living beings, interrelated, interdependent and complementary, that share a common destiny. Mother Earth is considered sacred, from the cosmovisions of indigenous nations and indigenous peoples.”

Article 7, establishes the rights of mother earth. These rights are: the right to life; the right for the diversity of life; the right to water; the right to clean air; the right to balance; the right to restoration; and the right to live free of pollution.

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