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Ley 14346, 1954
Ley 21.676, 1977
Ley 22.344, 1980
Ley 22.421, 1981
Ley 22.584, 1982
Ley 23.094, 1984 This law declares the southern right whale a natural monument within Argentine jurisdictional waters and subject to the rules established by Law No. 22.351, which regulates the concerning procedures for the declaration of national parks, natural monuments, and national reserves.
Ley 25.052, 1998
Ley 25.335, 2000
Ley 25.463, 2001 This law declared the Panthera onca, also known as yaguareté, Jaguar, overo tiger or painted onca, a natural monument. Ley 25.463/01 instructs the National Park Administration and the Directorate of Wildlife and Flora of the Nation to work together on the management plan for the species in the areas of its jurisdiction, making sure it is in accordance to the national faunal policy. The Enforcement Authority will guarantee the planning and execution of preventive measures in cases in which a specimen becomes circumstantially harmful to humans or their productive activities.
Ley 25.577, 2002