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Animal law is an emerging topic around the world. The Animal Legal & Historical Center houses laws, cases, and scholarly discussions on animal laws topics from across the globe. There are numerous ways to get to materials from countries around the world.

Websites on Animal Law

DAnLa - Derecho Animal Latino America: DanLa  es un proyecto con sede en Nicaragua y estará dando seguimiento a nuevas regulaciones juridicas, noticias vinculantes a los animales y tendencias sobre proteccion de animales en el hemisferio americano y mundo de habla hispana. Este es un espacio educativo que comparte una amplia visión jurídica del Derecho Animal.

Animal Justice Canada Library: Animal Justice Canada is a Canadian Registered Charity dedicated to advancing public knowledge of animal practices and preventing the abuse and killing of animals through the enforcement of existing laws. The library page includes a searchable database of Canadian court cases, legislation, secondary sources, municipal bylaws, and international law.

Legal Topics

Legal topics introduce various animal law topics beginning with a general overview. Other tabs on the page provide a more in-depth analysis of the topic, a link to a detailed discussion, and a tab for any related materials. We have several non-US topics that can be accessed below or at this page. The listed country provides a general overview of that country's animal protection laws. Sub-topics listed below some countries cover a more specific area of law.


Australia Kangaroo Culling

Australia Live Export



Canada's Anti-Cruelty Laws

Canada's Dangerous Dog Laws

European Union

EU-US Comparative Cruelty Laws: 2003 - 2009

International Comparative Animal Cruelty Laws (2003)



South America

The United Kingdom

Search for Materials

Under the Search Materials tab at the purple top navigation, readers can access administrative regulations, cases, articles, and laws from around the globe. Our library contains materials from Australia to Zimbabwe and includes countries like:

Select your desired country and then limit by legal material type or even topic. If you are seeking all materials from a certain country, leave Topics, Species, and Legal Material Type to the default, which is -any-. This will take you to a list of all materials from a certain country. We have an extensive collection from Australia for both cases and laws as well as Canada for both cases and laws.

Scholarly Journals from Around the World

Our web library houses several journals produced in other countries. These include:

Brazilian Animal Rights Journal (Revista Brasileira de Direito Animal) in Portuguese


Australian Animal Protection Law Journal

Global Journal of Animal Law (Finland)