Topical Introductions

Summary: Topical introductions contain a collection of legal materials (cases, laws, and articles) for a specific topic with a short summary and detailed legal analysis. Topics range from dog issues (like dog bite laws, lost dogs, custody issues involving pets in divorce) to complex federal laws such as the U.S. Endangered Species Act or the Animal Welfare Act.


Animal Industry Interference/Ag Gag Laws Animal Rights Assistance Animals and Disability
Cat and Feral Cat  Issues Chimpanzees/Primates  
Circus/Entertainment CITES/Trade Cruelty, Domestic Violence, and Hoarding
Disaster Planning Divorce and Custody Dog Issues
EU Laws/Comparative Laws Exotic Pets Farm Animal Issues
Federal Laws Fur Production and Fur Laws Genetic Engineering and Animals
Great Apes Horse Issues Initiatives, and Referendums
Invasive Species and Animal Welfare Marine Mammals Municipal Ordinances and Animals
Non-US Animal Law Police Shooting Pets Pet/Companion Animal Damages
Pet Sales/Puppy Mills Philosophy and Animals Research/Testing
Veterinary Issues Wildlife Issues  Wills and Trusts