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AL - Hunting - Article 8A. Interference with Legal Hunting or Fishing. This section of law reflects Alabama's hunter harassment provisions. Under the section, no person shall willfully and knowingly prevent, obstruct, impede, disturb, or interfere with, or attempt to prevent, obstruct, impede, disturb, or interfere with any person who is legally hunting or fishing. Prohibited activities include creating a visual, aural, olfactory, or physical stimulus intended to affect the natural behavior of the wild animal being hunted or fish for the purpose of fishing, or affecting the condition or location of personal property intended for use in the hunting or fishing. Any person violating this article is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor.
AL - Importation - Chapter 80-3-6. Livestock Sanitary Rules These selected regulations concern import, transport, or exhibition of wild, semi-wild, and exotic animals, and the import of dogs and cats.
AL - Impound - Destruction of impounded dogs and cats This Alabama statute provides that all dogs, cats, and ferrets which have been impounded for lack of rabies immunization, after due notice has been given to the owner as provided in Section 3-7A-7, may be humanely destroyed and disposed of when not redeemed by the owner within seven days. The owner may redeem the animal before destruction by paying the associated costs of vaccination (if no proof of prior vaccination) and impoundment.
AL - Impound - Maintenance of pound; notice of impoundment; adoption of animals. This Alabama statute provides that it is the duty of each and every county in the state to provide a suitable county pound and impounding officer for the impoundment of dogs, cats, and ferrets found running at large in violation of the provisions of this chapter. When dogs and cats are impounded and if the owner thereof is known, such owner shall be given direct notice of the impoundment of said animal or animals belonging to him; or the impounding officer may make said animal or animals available for adoption after a period of not less than seven days.
AL - Initiatives - Amendment 5, Right to Hunt, Fish, and Harvest Wildlife
AL - Irondale - Breed - Sec. 3-90 - Pit Bulls

In Irondale, Alabama, it is unlawful to keep, harbor, own or possess any pit bull dog. However, pit bull dogs registered on the date of publication may be kept within the city subject to certain requirements. These requirements include proper confinement, the use of a leash and muzzle, the posting of “Beware of Dog” signs, the taking of identification photographs, and the maintenance of liability insurance ($50,000). Failure to comply may result in the seizure of the dog, a fine up to $500 and/or imprisonment up to 30 days. The city also bans Presa Canario dogs.

AL - Lanett - Breed - Pit Bull Ordinance - Sec. 6-8 - Regulations regarding vicious dogs

In Lanett, Alabama, it is unlawful to keep, harbor, own, or possess any pit bull or presa canario dog. Dogs that were within the city on the effective date may be kept within the city subject to certain requirements, such as keeping the dog properly confined, using a leash and muzzle, posting a “Beware of dog” sign, the maintenance of liability insurance of $100,000, and the taking of identification photographs. A violation of the chapter is a misdemeanor, and could result in a fine up to $500 and/or imprisonment up to 30 days under Section 6-13.

AL - Leash - When dogs permitted in areas; liability of owners of dogs at large in areas (wildlife management areas) This Alabama statute provides that no dog shall be permitted except on leash within any wildlife management area except in accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated by the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources. The owner of any dog at large within any wildlife management area shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
AL - Lien, vet - § 35-11-390. Lien declared This Alabama section relates to veterinary liens. The law states that every licensed veterinarian has a lien on every animal kept, fed, treated or surgically treated or operated on by him or her while in his or her custody and under contract with the owner of such animal. This lien is for payment of the veterinarian's charges for keeping, feeding, treating or surgically treating or operating on such animal, and the vet has the right to retain such animal until said charges are paid.
AL - Mobile - Chapter 7: Animal and Fowl (Article VI - Horse Drawn Carriages)

In Mobile, Alabama, animal-drawn passenger vehicles are restricted to horse drawn carriages. The following ordinances provide the restrictions and requirements placed upon the operations of these carriages within the city.