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"World Leader" - At What Price? A Look at Lagging American Animal Protection Laws Stephanie J. Engelsman 22 Pace Envtl. L. Rev. 329 (Fall, 2005)

This paper will begin in showing that the United States has done virtually nothing to ensure that all creatures are free from unnecessary pain and suffering. This paper will then explore what other developed countries have done towards protecting nonhuman animals in the same amount of time. This paper in no way suggests that any of the countries to be discussed have solved the problem of animal exploitation; however it does suggest that many of those countries have at least begun to make a legitimate and concerted effort towards protecting animals from human greed.

2001 Legislative Review Alicia Finigan 7 Animal L. 145 (2001)

This article provides an overview of 2001 state and federal animal related legislation.

2001 Legislative Review Laurie Fulkerson 8 Animal L. 259 (2001)

This article presents an overview of 2001 animal-related legislation.

2002 Legislative Review Emilie Keturakis 9 Animal L. 331 (2003)

This article provides an overview of animal-related legislation from 2002.

2003 Legislative Review Emilie Clermont 10 Animal L. 363 (2004)

This article provides an overivew of animal-related legislation from 2003.

2004 Legislative Review Joshua D. Hodes 11 Animal L. 325 (2005)

This article provides an overview of major animal law legislation from 2003 - 2004.

2005-2006 Case Law Review Adam Cefai 2 Journal of Animal Law 179 (2006)

This document provides a tabular listing of the important animal law cases of 2005 and 2006.

2005-2006 Featured Animal Law Case Carlos de Paula 2 Journal of Animal Law 183 (2006)

This case from Brazil considers a habeas corpus proceeding for a chimpanzee kept in a zoo.

2005-2006 Legislative Review Sunrise Cox 12 Animal L. 277 (2005)

This article provides an overview of state and federal legislation from 2005 - 2006.

2006 Animal Law-Related Articles Brett Cattani 13 Animal Law 329 (2007)

This document provides a listing of animal-related law review and journal articles from 2006.