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IN - Cattle Slaughter - ORISSA PREVENTION OF COW SLAUGHTER ACT, 1960 This law, specific to the eastern Indian state of Orissa, prohibits the slaughter of cows. Bulls and bullocks may also not be slaughtered unless a certificate is obtained from a competent authority indicating that the bull or bullock is over fourteen years old. Cows, bulls and bullocks may be slaughtered if they have contagious or infectious diseases, or for experimentation in the interest of medical research. The government may establish institutions for the care of uneconomic cows.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - MAHARASHTRA ANIMAL PRESERVATION (AMENDMENT) ACT, 1995 The Act amends the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act, 1976. While the 1976 Act prohibited the slaughter of cows, the Amendment additionally prohibits the slaughter of bulls and bullocks.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - JHARKHAND BOVINE ANIMAL PROHIBITION OF SLAUGHTER ACT, 2005 The Act, specific to the state of Jharkhand, prohibits the slaughter of bovine animals including cows, calves, heifers, bulls and bullocks. Persons may not transport bovine animals from the state to other states for slaughter, or export any bovine animals for slaughter. Persons may not sell, purchase or possess the flesh of bovine animals. The Act provides for the setting up of institutions for the maintenance and care of uneconomic cows by the government or local authorities. Violations of the Act would lead to imprisonment and fines.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - JAMMU & KASHMIR CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISIONS ON COW SLAUGHTER The Jammu & Kashmir Ranbir Penal Code, 1989, prohibits the slaughter of bovines (oxes, bulls, cows and calves). Persons may not keep in their possession the flesh of slaughtered bovines. The provisions criminalize the sale and possession of the untanned hide, meat or flesh of gonds or possesses the carcass of a gond.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - DELHI AGRICULTURAL CATTLE PRESERVATION ACT, 1994 The Act, specific to the National Capital Region of Delhi, prohibits the slaughter of agricultural cattle such as cows, calves, bulls and bullocks. The Act bans the transport of cattle from Delhi to places outside Delhi for the purpose of slaughter. Persons who wish to export cattle must apply for a permit and submit an undertaking that the cattle shall not be slaughtered. The burden of proof is on the person who is accused under the Act of the slaughter, transport, export, sale, purchase or possession of flesh of agricultural cattle.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - CHHATTISGARH AGRICULTURAL CATTLE PRESERVATION ACT, 2004 The Act, specific to the state of Chhattisgarh, prohibits the slaughter of agricultural cattle—cows, calves, bulls, bullocks and male and female buffaloes. The law criminalizes the possession and sale of beef, and the transport of agricultural cattle from the state for the purpose of slaughter. The state government shall make rules for the economic rehabilitation of persons affected by the Act.
IN - Animal Testing - The Breeding of And Experiments On Animals (Control And Supervision) Rules, 1998 The Rules were drafted by the Committee for Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals through the powers delegated to it by the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. The Rules do not ban scientific experiments on animals. However, they impose registration requirements for facilities that conduct experiments on animals, list out the conditions under which the animals must be stocked by the breeder and the establishment, and the methods by which the experiments must be conducted.
IN - Animal Testing - THE BREEDING OF AND EXPERIMENTS ON ANIMALS (CONTROL AND SUPERVISION) RULES, 1998 The Rules, drafted under the powers conferred by section (1)(1-A) and (2) of Section 17 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, regulate the breeding and testing of animals in laboratories. It sets up an 'Institutional Animal Ethics Committee' that ensures the performance of experiments of animals in an establishment in a humane manner. The Rules specify the conditions that breeders are allowed to raise these animals in for testing, and the manner in which these animals must be treated in establishments where they are used for testing.
IN - Animal Sacrifice - THE TELANGANA ANIMALS AND BIRDS SACRIFICES PROHIBITION ACT, 1950 The Act, specific to the South Indian state of Telangana, prohibits animal and bird sacrifice at places of public religious worship or in congregations associated with religious worship in a public street. Persons sacrificing animals can be imprisoned under this law. The law also prohibits persons from officiating at such animal sacrifices. Such persons can be fined. Animal sacrifice or officiating at an animal sacrifice is a cognizable offence—the accused can be arrested without a warrant.
IN - Animal Sacrifice - THE PUDUCHERRY ANIMALS AND BIRDS SACRIFICES PROHIBITION ACT, 1965 This law, specific to the Union Territory of Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry), prohibits animal sacrifice within the precincts of temples. Persons shall not perform, officiate at, or participate in animal sacrifice.