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IN - Cattle Slaughter - THE BIHAR PRESERVATION AND IMPROVEMENT OF ANIMALS ACT, 1955 This law, specific to the state of Bihar, prohibits the slaughter of cows, calves, bulls, bullocks and female buffaloes. The prescribed authority may allow the slaughter of bulls and bullocks and female buffaloes under certain specific conditions. Persons may not export cows, female buffaloes, calves, heifers, buffalo calves, buffalo heifers, bulls and bullocks from the state. Animals that have infectious diseases must be segregated. Animal markets and fairs may not be held in infected areas.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - THE GOA ANIMAL PRESERVATION ACT, 1995 The law, specific to the state of Goa, allows the slaughter of bovines only when they are unlikely to be economical for the purpose of draught, agricultural operations, breeding, giving milk, or bearing offspring. Offences under the Act are cognizable—persons alleged to have committed an offence under the Act can be arrested without warrant. No legal proceedings can be instituted against the government or any officer of the government or local authority for actions done in good faith in pursuance of the Act.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - THE GOA, DAMAN AND DIU PREVENTION OF COW SLAUGHTER ACT, 1978 This provision, specific to the regions of Goa, Daman and Diu, prohibits the slaughter of cows. However, it does not prohibit the import of cow meat into these regions. Only cows that are suffering or are the subject of medical research may be slaughtered. In these cases, prior permission to slaughter the cow must be obtained by a veterinary officer or officer of the Animal Husbandry Department. Beef may not be sold in these regions. The government or local authority must maintain institutions for the care of 'uneconomic' cows. Offences under this Act are cognizable (offender can be arrested without a warrant) and non-bailable (bail is not a matter of right).
IN - Cattle Slaughter - THE HIMACHAL PRADESH PROHIBITION OF COW SLAUGHTER ACT, 1979 The law, specific to the state of Himachal Pradesh, prohibits the slaughter of cows. No person may export cows for the purpose of slaughter. The law bans the sale of beef. Committing an offence under this Act may lead to imprisonment or fines.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - THE KARNATAKA PREVENTION OF SLAUGHTER AND PRESERVATION OF CATTLE ACT, 2020 The Act, specific to the South Indian state of Karnataka, prohibits the slaughter of cattle, restricts the transport of cattle from one part of the state to another for slaughter, and prohibits the sale, purchase and disposal of cattle for slaughter. The State may establish institutions for care and welfare of cattle. Persons and authorities acting in good faith to secure the objectives of the act are protected from the institution of legal proceedings.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - THE KERALA PANCHAYAT RAJ (SLAUGHTER HOUSES AND MEAT STALLS) RULES, 1996 These Rules regulate the operation of slaughterhouses and meat stalls. Animals may be slaughtered only in public or licensed slaughter houses within a village panchayat area. Slaughter houses may not be established within 90 metres of any house. Butchers require licenses for slaughtering animals. Animals may not be admitted to slaughter houses unless they are examined and certified as being free from contagious diseases.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - THE MADHYA PRADESH GOVANSH VADH PRATISHEDH ADHINIYAM, 2004 The law, specific to the state of Madhya Pradesh, criminalizes the slaughter of cows and their progeny, including bulls and bullocks. The Act criminalizes the possession and transport of beef and the transport of cows and their progeny for slaughter. The Act authorizes a competent authority to enter and inspect premises where they believe an offence under this Act has been or is likely to be committed. The state government must make rules for the economic rehabilitation of persons whose livelihoods have been affected by the Act. The Act imposes the burden or proof for an offence under the Act on the accused.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - THE MAHARASHTRA ANIMAL PRESERVATION ACT, 1976 The Act, specific to the western Indian state of Maharashtra, prohibits cow slaughter. Persons may also not slaughter other bovines such as bulls, bullocks, female buffaloes and buffalo calves without obtaining a certificate from the 'competent authority'. These animals may be slaughtered only at specified places. Committing an offence under the Act may lead to fines or imprisonment.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - THE ORISSA PREVENTION OF COW SLAUGHTER RULES, 1966 The Rules, drafted under the Orissa Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1960, prescribe conditions for the issue of a certificate for slaughter.
IN - Cattle Slaughter - THE PUDUCHERRY PREVENTION OF COW SLAUGHTER The Act, specific to the Union Territory of Puducherry, prohibits the slaughter of cows, bulls and bullocks. Bulls and bullocks may be slaughtered in certain specific circumstances. The sale of beef is banned.