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Animals in China Law and Society
Bear Farming and the Trade in Bear Bile
China - Fishing - China Fisheries Law

Although old, it remains the law for fishing in China "

for the purpose of enhancing the protection, increase, development and reasonable utilization of fishery resources, developing artificial cultivation, protecting fishery workers' lawful rights and interests and boosting fishery production, so as to meet the requirements of socialist construction and the needs of the people."

China - Wildlife - China Protection of Wildlife

This law seeks to protect national list and international list of endangered species.

China - Wildlife - Wildlife Law Regulations

This is the set of regulations for the implementation of the national wildlife law, primarily for the protection of endangered species.

Detailed Discussion of Bears Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Discussion of the issue of bear farming and the international trade in bear bile. Analysis of the laws regulating farming and trade. Discusses how the issue presents a problem and proposes solutions.