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Model National Animal Law  
Spanish version of Model Legislation  
Packwood-Magnuson Amendment  
The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act  
Annotated Eagle Act  
Legislative History of MMPA 1981  
Legislative History of the MMPA 1988  
Pelly Amendment  
Civil Action for Deprivation of Rights  
Religious Freedom Restoration Act  
American Indian Religious Freedom Act  
Federal Pet Theft Protection Act  
Uniform Marital Property Act s 4  
Uniform Marriage & Divorce Act s 307  
Alaska § 09.65.097. Civil liability for emergency veterinary care  
Alaska Pet Trusts  
Alaska § 16.05.790. Obstruction or hindrance of lawful hunting, fishing, trapping, or viewing of fish or game  
Alaska Endangered Species  
Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve  
Alaska Assistance Animal Laws  
Alaska. Chapter 05. Powers and Duties of Commissioners of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation.  
Alaska Dog Biting or Chasing Deer or Livestock  
Alaska Power of village council to control dogs  
Alaska Cruelty Statutes  
Alaska Veterinary Practice Laws  
Alaska Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Alaska. § 09.65.180. Civil liability of zoos  
Alaska. Chapter 05. Fish and Game Code  
Alaska. § 16.05.797. Computer-assisted remote hunting prohibited  
Alaska - Article 1. Buffalo, Musk Oxen, Elk, and Elephants  
Alaska Consolidated Dog Laws (Dangerous Dog/ Dogs At Large/Ordinance Control)  
Alabama. Section 11-3A-2. Alabama Limited Self-Governance Act.  
Alabama. Article 4. General Police Powers.  
Alabama. Article 5. Powers as to Health, Sanitation, and Quarantine  
Alabama Consolidated Cruelty Laws  
Alabama Article 6A. . Offenses Against Animal Research and Animal Production Facilities  
Alabama § 13A-11-241. Cruelty in first and second degrees (dog/cat fur)  
Alabama Pet Trust Law (Others treated as qualified beneficiaries)  
Alabama Assistance Animal Laws  
Alabama. Chapter 10. Nuisances Menacing Public Health.  
Alabama. § 2-17-15. Sale, offer for sale, transportation, etc., of carcasses, etc., of horses, mules, etc., not marked, labeled, etc.  
Alabama Veterinary Practice Code  
Alabama Consolidated Dog Laws  
Alabama Dogfighting Statute  
Alabama Estray Livestock and Stock/Fence Laws  
Alabama Dog Bite Laws  
Alabama dogs; maintenance of pound; notice of impoundment; adoption of animals.  
Alabama dogs; destruction of impounded dogs and cats  
Michigan State University College of Law  
Alabama Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Alabama Article 8A. . Interference with Legal Hunting or Fishing.  
Alabama Leash Law (Wildlife Area)  
Alabama Article 11. Possession of Wildlife for Public Exhibition Purposes  
Alabama Black Bear Protection Law  
Alabama. § 9-11-503. Hunting of nonindigenous animals prohibited.  
Alabama § 9-2-13. Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources -- Authority to prohibit importation of birds, animals, fish, etc.  
Alabama. Article 3. Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries  
Arkansas Arkansas Hunting Heritage Protection Act  
Arkansas Endangered Species  
Arkansas Ownership and Breeding of Wolves and Wolf-Dog Hybrids  
Arkansas Regulation by suburban improvement district (dogs/cats)  
Arkansas Dogs running at large  
Arkansas Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Arkansas Veterinary Practice Code  
Arkansas Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Arkansas Consolidated Dog Laws  
Arkansas Dog Wolf-Hybrid Laws  
Arkansas Subchapter 5. Ownership and Possession of Large Carnivores  
Subchapter 6. Nonhuman Primates  
Arkansas Pet Trust  
Arkansas Retail Pet Store Consumer Protection Act of 1991  
Arkansas Consolidated Cruelty Laws  
Arizona Subchapter 2. Farm Animal and Research Facilities  
Arkansas Farm Animal and Research Facilities  
Arkansas § 5-71-228. Obstruction of shooting, hunting, fishing, or trapping activities  
Arkansas. § 9-15-205. Relief generally--Duration  
US Animal Welfare Act  
US AWA Decisions  
US AWA History  
US Public Law 107 - 171 (AWA 2002)  
US Public Law 101 - 624 (AWA 1990)  
AWA 1966 Public Act  
US Public Law 91-579  
US Public Law 94-279 (AWA 1976)  
US Public Law 99-198 (AWA 1985)  
Arizona § 13-3602. Order of protection; procedure; contents; arrest for violation; penalty; protection order from another jurisdiction  
Arizona Pet Trusts  
Arizona Illegal Taking of Wildlife  
Arizona Powers and duties of board of supervisors (dogs)  
Arizona Leash Law (Rabies quarantine/dogs in heat)  
Arizona Consolidated Dog Laws  
Arizona Exemption of cities, towns and counties (dog ordinances)  
Arizona Assistance Animal Laws  
Arizona Lawful presence on private property defined (dogs)  
Arizona Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Arizona Consolidated Cruelty/Fighting Laws  
Arizona. Title 17. Game and Fish (enforcement sections)  
Arizona Wildlife Provisions  
Arizona § 17-316. Interference with rights of hunters; classification; civil action; exceptions  
Arizona Veterinary Practice Code  
Transporting equine in a cruel manner; violation; classification; definitions  
Arizona Humane Slaughter Statutes  
Arizona. Article 4. Horsemeat.  
Arizona Pet Dealers  
Arizona General Ordinance Powers (dogs)  
California Endangered Species  
California Possession of Wild Animals for Purpose of Killing or Injuring for Gain or Amusement  
California Protected Birds  
California Taking of Nongame Birds  
California Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
California § 25989.1. Notice to animal control services agency of performances to be conducted  
California Chapter 3. Importation of Wild Animals  
CA Deer: Archery Deer Hunting  
California Veterinary Practice Laws  
California Local Regulations - Dog Ordinances  
California Pet Store Animal Care  
Definitions; prohibition against tethering dog to stationary object; exceptions; penalty  
California. Part 9. Societies for Prevention of Cruelty to Children and Animals.  
California Sale of Dogs by Breeders  
CA Veterinary Practice Provisions  
California Civil Code § 1833-1840  
California Statute Including Animals in Protective Orders  
California: § 2021. Shark fins; unlawful possession, sale, offer for sale, trading, or distribution; exceptions  
CA Hunter's Safety  
California. Chapter 1. General Definitions  
CA Taking and Possessing in General  
Importation, Transportation, and Sheltering  
California. Chapter 6.5. Control of Illegally Taken Fish and Wildlife  
CA Marine Life Protection Act  
CA Methods of Taking  
California Consolidated Cat Laws  
CA Hunting Licenses  
CA Bird Provisions  
CA Fur Bearing Mammals  
CA Fur Bearing Mammals: Fur Dealer License  
CA Nongame Mammals and Depredators  
CA Deer Provisions: Taking Deer  
CA Deer: License Tags  
Management of Deer  
CA Burros  
CA Wild Pigs  
CA Fully Protected Mammals Enumerated  
CA Bear  
CA Mountain Lions  
Bighorn Sheep  
Protected Reptiles and Amphibians  
CA Sport Fishing  
California Consolidated Dog Laws  
CA Prescribed Methods of Slaughter  
Animals in Diagnostic Procedures and Medical Research  
California. Chapter 5. Larceny [Theft] (of animals)  
California. § 597.6. Exotic or native wild cat species; alteration of toes, claws or paws  
California. § 597.9. Cruelty to animals; persons convicted of specified misdemeanor and felony offenses prohibited from owning, possessing, caring for, etc. animals for specified time period  
§ 598.1. Dogfighting; forfeiture proceedings  
§ 602.13. Entering animal enclosure at zoo, circus, or traveling animal exhibit; punishment; exceptions; other prosecution not precluded  
California. Chapter 5. Arrest by Private Person  
Cal Penal Code Provisions  
California 597.4 - Live Animal Commerical Transactions  
Animal endangerment; confinement in unattended motor vehicle; violations and penalties  
Sexually assaulting animal; misdemeanor  
Wilful Poisoning of an Animal  
Cal Abusive Behavior Towards Elephant  
Cal Requirement of Veterinarian at Rodeo  
Cruelty to Animals  
Animals in specified places without proper care or attention  
Cal Abandonment or relinquishment of equine; Sale or adoption  
CA Live animal market  
CA Fighting dogs  
Inhuman manner of transporting animal  
Fighting animals  
Owning, keeping or training animal for fighting  
Authorization of warrantless arrests at animal fights  
Liability for care of impounded domestic animal  
Abandoned or neglected animals; Duties of public authorities;  
Poling or tripping a horse  
Attaching live animal to moving machine to be pursued by dogs  
Prohibition regarding fighting bird gaffs or slashers  
Ownership or possession of fighting cock  
Use of bristle-bur or tack-bur; Penalty  
Unlawful operation of pet shop  
Docking tails of horses  
Transportation of equine to slaughter  
Registration of docked horses  
Prima facie evidence of docking of horsetails  
Importing horses with docked tails for particular purposes  
Abandonment of animal  
Failure to provide adequate exercise area for confined animal  
Killing animal by use of carbon monoxide gas  
Permissible methods for killing newborn dog or cat  
Prohibition against killing dog or cat by use of high-altitude  
Sale, loading, or transportation of disabled equine for commercial  
Misdemeanor violations  
California Sale of dogs under eight weeks of age  
Killing or injuring birds, nests, or eggs in cemeteries  
Killing dog or cat for the animal's pelt  
Possession or sale for good of animal or carcass  
Killing horse for purpose of human consumption  
Sale of horsemeat for human consumption  
Commercial use of rabbits, chicks, ducklings, or other fowl  
Issuance of arrest warrants  
Seizure of fighting animals or birds and paraphernalia used in  
Words defined  
Construction of provisions  
Policy against euthanization of treatable or adoptable animal  
Requirement that animal unfit for employment be killed after notice  
Purchase or sale of nonambulatory animal by slaughterhouse, stockyard  
Interference with horse or dog being used by police officer  
Injury or death of guide, signal or service dog caused by another dog  
Injury or death of guide, signal or service dog caused by person  
California Importation of Animals or Parts Provisions  
California. Title 10. Of Crimes Against the Public Health and Safety (Dog Bites)  
California Title 4. Motion Pictures  
California Lost Property Statutes  
Michigan State University College of Law  
California - § 996. Fur bearing animals raised in captivity; ownership; protection of law  
California. Part 11. Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  
California Humane Slaughter Laws  
California City dog license tags; compliance with division  
California Dangerous Dog Provisions  
California Dog Seizure and impoundment pending hearing  
California Seizure and impoundment of dogs on private property  
California Animal Response Emergency System (CARES)  
California. Chapter 13.4. Force Fed Birds  
California. Chapter 13.8. Farm Animal Cruelty.  
California. Chapter 1. Rabies Control  
California Chapter 4. Animal Control  
California Regulation and control of dogs; maintenance of pound and rabies control programs; vaccination clinics; issuance of license, duration; disclosure of information  
California Pet Trust  
California § 21759. Caution in passing animals  
California § 23117. Transportation of animals; enclosure or restraint requirements  
Colorado Pet Trusts  
Colorado Endangered Species  
Colorado Wildlife Illegal Possession  
Colorado Statute - Illegal Sale of Wildlife  
Colorado Willful Destruction of Wildlife  
Colorado Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act  
Colorado Constitution: § 12b. Prohibited methods of taking wildlife  
Colorado: Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act  
Colorado Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Colorado Veterinary Practice Laws  
Colorado Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Colorado Dog Bite Liability (Strict Liability)  
Colorado Domestic Violence Definitions Statute  
Colorado Consolidated Cruelty/Fighting Statutes  
Colorado Dangerous Dog Law  
Colorado Consolidated Dog Laws  
Colorado dog impound; uninoculated animal not to run at large  
Colorado Dog Protection Act  
Colorado Pet animal control and licensing  
Colorado Liability for accident or subsequent disease from impoundment  
Colorado Animal control officers--peace officer designation  
Colorado Wildlife Provisions  
Colorado Humane Slaughter Statutes  
Colorado Revised Statutes 35-50.5: Confinement of Farm Animals  
Colorado Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act (puppy age)  
Colorado. Article 81. Hybrid Animals  
Connecticut - Municipal Control of Feral Cats Act  
Connecticut Animal Population Control  
Connecticut Definition of Animal  
Connecticut Endangered Species  
Connecticut Possession of potentially dangerous animal. Exemptions. Seizure, relocation and disposal. Penalties  
Connecticut Harassment of Bald Eagles  
Conn. Poultry Transport Law  
Connecticut § 53a-183a. Obstructing or interfering with the lawful taking of wildlife: Class C misdemeanor  
Connecticut. Transport of dogs in pick-up trucks. Restrictions  
Connecticut Veterinary Practice Code  
Connecticut. § 21a-22. Sale of equine meat in public eating places  
Connecticut Consolidated Dog Law/Dangerous Dog Law  
Connecticut Leash Law (Control of dogs in proximity to guide dogs)  
Connecticut: Emergency Preparedness Plans  
Connecticut § 45a-489a. Trust to provide for care of animal: Creation. Administration. Jurisdiction. Termination  
Connecticut Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Relief from physical abuse by family or household member or person in dating relationship. Application. Court orders. Duration. Copies. Expedited hearing for violation of order. Other remedies  
Connecticut Lost Property Statutes  
Connecticut Equine Activity Liability Staute  
Connecticut Consolidated Cruelty Laws  
DC Consolidated Dog Laws/ Dog Bite  
D.C. § 16-1005. Hearing; evidence; protection order.  
District of Columbia Pet Trust  
District of Columbia Dog Impoundment.  
D.C. Subchapter V. Classroom Animals.  
D.C. Chapter 20A. Pet Ownership Restriction in Assisted Housing.  
D.C. § 8-1861.01. Animal emergency preparedness plan.  
D.C. Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
D.C. § 8-1808. Prohibited conduct. (exotic pets)  
D.C. Subchapter II. Commercial Licensing Requirement.  
D.C. § 8-1831.01. Release of animals.  
District of Columbia Statutes: Chapter 20. Horse–Drawn Carriages.  
D.C. - Wildlife Protection  
Delaware Dogs Deemed Personal Property  
Delaware Bill to Make Sale of Dog or Cat Products Unlawful  
Delaware Endangered Species  
Delaware Possession of Exotic Animals  
Delaware Prohibited hunting and trapping devices and methods  
Delaware Bald Eagle Prohibitions  
Delaware § 1325A. The unlawful trade in dog or cat by-products; class B misdemeanor; class A misdemeanor, penalties  
Delaware Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Delaware Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Delaware Consolidated Cruelty Laws  
Delaware Consolidated Dog Laws  
9 Del.C. § 904 Specifications for the humane handling, care and treatment of dogs  
Delaware Pet Warranties  
Delaware Dangerous Dog Laws  
Delaware. Subchapter I. Rabies Control in Animal and Human Populations.  
Delaware Animal Population Control Program and Spay/Neuter Fund  
Delaware local ordinances (dogs)  
§ 724. Wilful obstruction or impeding of lawful hunting, fishing or trapping activities  
Delaware Pet Trust Law  
Delaware Chapter 1. Protected Wildlife  
Delaware Veterinary Practice Laws  
Federal Fur Labeling Act  
Wilderness Act  
Federal Fur Seal Act of 1966  
Federal Wild Horses and Burros Act  
Federal Dolphin Protection Consumer Information Act  
US Endangered Species Act  
Federal Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act  
African Elephant Conservation Act  
Asian Elephant Elephant Conservation Act  
Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act  
Wild Exotic Bird Conservation Act  
Federal Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Act  
Great Apes Conservation Act of 2000  
Federal Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act  
Pittman-Robertson Act  
Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp Act  
Federal Fish & Wildlife Act of 1956  
Federal Airborne Hunting Act  
Federal Fish and Wildlife Improvement Act of 1978  
United States § 1857. Prohibited acts (Shark Conservation Act)  
Lacey Act  
Fraud and False Statements  
Unlawful Mailing of Injurious Article  
Conspiracy Statute  
Crimes for Importation  
Michigan State University College of Law  
§ 48. Animal crush videos  
Anti-Smuggling Statute  
MMPA Legislative History of 1972  
Prohibition on importation of dog and cat fur products  
Tariff Act of 1930  
Nutria Eradication and Control Act of 2003 and Control Pilot Program  
Senate Bill 2547 to Amend the MBTA  
United States-Russia Polar Bear Conservation and Management Act of 2005 (Reported in Senate)  
Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act  
Marine Mammal Protection Act Amendments of 2006 (Engrossed as Agreed to or Passed by House)  
Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006  
Polar Bear Protection Act of 2007 (Introduced in Senate)  
Bear Protection Act of 2008  
Restore Our American Mustangs Act  
Captive Primate Safety Act'  
To amend section 48 (relating to depiction of animal cruelty) (crush videos)  
Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act - Chapter IV - Food  
Poultry Products Inspection Act (PPIA)  
Chapter 12. Meat Inspection  
Attempt to Evade or Defeat Tax  
FHA definition of handicap  
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973  
Patent Act  
Sec. 504 FHA Definition of Handicap  
Federal National Environmental Policy Act of 1969  
Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006  
§ 283m. Sanctuary system for surplus chimpanzees (CHIMP Act)  
Taylor Grazing Act  
Twenty-Eight Hour Law  
Federal Animal Damage Control Act  
Milk Price Support Program  
Humane Slaughter Act  
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  
Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act of 2007  
House Version Downed Animal Protection Act  
MMPA Polar Bear Provisions  
Marine Mammal Protection Act Title 1  
Marine Mammal Protection Act Title 2  
Marine Mammal Protection Act Title 3  
Marine Mammal Protection Act Title 4  
Marine Mammal Protection Act TOC  
Migratory Bird Treaty Reform Act  
Sale of Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros  
US Golden Eagle Protection  
Senate Downed Animal Protection Act  
Florida Endangered species  
Florida Killing Endangered Threatened Species  
Florida Private game preserves and farms  
Trust for care of an animal  
Florida Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Florida Animal Defintions  
Florida Animal Enterprise Protection Act  
Florida Cruel Confinement of Pregnant Pigs  
Florida: Emergency Disaster Plan for Pets  
Florida 379.105. Harassment of hunters, trappers, or fishers  
Florida Exhibition or sale of wildlife  
Florida. Part V. Law Enforcement  
Florida Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Florida Veterinary Practice Laws  
Florida. 500.451. Horse meat; offenses  
Florida. Chapter 570. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Enforcement.  
Florida. Part II. Disease Inspection, Control, and Eradication  
Florida. Chapter 585. Animal Industry. Part I. General Provisions  
Florida Lost Property Statutes  
Florida Dog - Abandonment of animals by owner; procedure for handling  
Domestic violence; injunction; powers and duties of court and clerk; petition; notice and hearing; temporary injunction; issuance of injunction; statewide verification system; enforcement  
Florida Dog Bite and Dangerous Dog Laws  
Florida Dog Ordinance - Interpretation with Dangerous Dog Statute  
Florida Additional local restrictions authorized on Dangerous Dogs  
Florida 768.13. Good Samaritan Act; immunity from civil liability  
Florida Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Florida Dog and Cat Sterilization Law (unsterilized as nuisance)  
Sale of garments or items of clothing containing dog or cat fur prohibited; sale of pelt of any dog or cat prohibited; penalty  
Florida Killing or aggravated abuse of horses or cattle; offenses; penalties  
Florida. Section 877.16. Exhibition of deformed animals prohibited; penalty.  
Georgia Endangered Species  
Georgia Hunting or Possessing Birds  
Georgia hunting provisions  
Georgia Equine Activity Liability Act  
Georgia Animal Protection Act  
Georgia Dogfighting Law  
Georgia Consolidated Cruelty Laws  
Georgia. Article 4. Advertisement and Sale of Meat Generally.  
Georgia. § 27-2-22. Wildlife rehabilitation permit  
Georgia. Article 4. Shooting Preserves.  
Georgia. § 27-3-12. Use of drugs, poisons, chemicals, smoke, gas, explosives, recorded sounds or calls and electronic communication equipment prohibited; misdemeanor violation; penalties  
Georgia Article 6. Interference with Lawful Taking  
Georgia. Article 7. Feeding of Wild Alligators.  
Georgia. Article 2. Trapping, Trappers, and Fur Dealers.  
Georgia. Article 3. Transportation (wildlife)  
Georgia Wildlife Provisions  
Georgia Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Georgia. Chapter 19. Control of Rabies  
Georgia Veterinary Practice Code  
Georgia. Article 8. Liens. Part 9. Veterinarians and Boarders of Animals.  
Georgia Article 2. Georgia Farm Animal, Crop, and Research Facilities Protection Ac  
Georgia Humane Care for Equines Act  
Georgia Consolidated Dog Laws/Dangerous Dog  
Georgia Jurisdiction and duties of local governments (dog ordinances)  
Georgia Dangerous Dog Ordinances - Construction of  
Georgia Dog Bite Statute (Vicious animals, liability for injuries caused by)  
Georgia § 53-12-28. Trust for the care of an animal; creation; termination  
Hawaii Endangered Species  
Hawaii Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Hawaii: Pet Emergency and Disaster Plans  
Hawaii Liability of dog owner; penalty  
Hawaii Human bitten by dog; duty of dog owners; action against owner.  
Hawaii Consolidated Dog Laws  
Hawaii Seizure and redemption of unlicensed dogs.  
Hawaii Wildlfie Provisions  
Hawaii [§ 183D-27.5]. Harassment of hunters; prohibition  
Hawaii [§ 188-40.7]. Shark fins; prohibited  
Hawaii. [§ 323-51]. Animal therapy  
Hawaii Veterinary Practice Laws  
Hawaii Pet Trusts  
Hawaii Chapter 586. Domestic Abuse Protective Orders. [Part I]. [General Provisions]. § 586-4. Temporary restraining order  
Hawaii Dog Bite Law (Liability of animal owners)  
Hawaii Equine activity Liability Statute  
Hawaii Consolidated Cruelty Laws  
Iowa Endangered Species  
Iowa Hunting Application and License Requirements  
Iowa Pet Trusts  
Iowa Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Care of Animals in Commercial Establishments Act  
Iowa Veterinary Practice Code  
Iowa Humane Slaughter Act  
Iowa Duties of county board (local dog impound law)  
Iowa Consolidated Dog Laws/Dangerous Dog  
Iowa Dog as property with license  
Iowa dog; right and duty to kill untagged dog  
Iowa Right to kill tagged dog chasing livestock (destroy/impound)  
Iowa dog local enforcement of vaccination and impoundment laws  
Iowa dogs running at large; impoundment  
Iowa dog state at large law not a limitation on power of municipalities  
Iowa 481A.125. Intentional interference with lawful hunting, fishing, or fur-harvesting activities--penalties  
Traps - disturbing dens - tags for traps  
Iowa Lost Property Statutes  
Iowa Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Iowa Injury to Livestock  
Iowa Chapter 717A. Offenses Relating to Agricultural Production  
Iowa Animal Anti-Cruelty Statute  
Iowa - Chapter 717F. Dangerous Wild Animals  
Idaho Endangered Species  
Idaho Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Idaho Pet Trust  
Idaho. Chapter 58. Public Health and Safety (Misc. Animal Crimes)  
Idaho Animal Industry Interference  
Idaho. § 25-1905. Removal of hides from carcasses.  
Idaho Consolidated Dog Laws  
Idaho Taking up dogs without collar and tag  
Idaho Dogs running at large -- Vicious dogs -- Penalty  
Idaho Dog - Liability for livestock and poultry killed by dogs  
Idaho Dogs as property -- Proof of value.  
Idaho Chapter 30. Fur Farms  
Idaho Consolidated Cruelty Laws  
Idaho. Chapter 39. Importation or Possession of Deleterious Exotic Animals  
Idaho. Chapter 11. Protection of Animals and Birds  
Idaho § 36-1510. Interference with hunting, fishing, trapping or wildlife control  
Idaho Captive Wildlife Provisions  
Idaho Veterinary Practice Laws  
Idaho. Chapter 58. Protection of Natural Resources.  
Idaho Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Illinois Consolidated Cruelty Statutes - Humane Care for Animals Act  
Illinois Possession of Wild Birds, Falconry, Commerce in Animals  
Illinois Exotic game hunting area permit  
Illinois Equine Activity Liability Act  
Illinois Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Illinois Estrays and Lost Property Act  
Illinois: Emergency Management Plan for Pets  
Illinois Consolidated Dog Laws  
Illinois Veterinary Practice Laws  
Illinois Humane Slaughter Laws  
Illinois Powers of municipalities to regulate dogs (ordinance)  
Illinois Appointment of animal control wardens; microchipping and registration; dog ordinances  
Illinois Duties administrators under Animal Control Act; local dog ordinances  
Illinois Animal Control Fund registration fees; use for dog & cat ordinances  
Illinois Animal Welfare Act (includes puppy sale provision)  
Michigan State University College of Law  
Illinois. Act 60. Domesticated Wild Animals Act  
Illinois Endangered Species  
Illinois. 5/2.33b. Computer-assisted remote hunting; prohibition  
Illinois Act 125. Hunter and Fishermen Interference Prohibition Act  
Illinois Act 215. Animal Research and Production Facilities Protection Act  
Horse Mutilation Act  
Illinois Dangerous Animals Act  
Order of protection; remedies  
Illinois Damages recoverable for harm or theft of assistance animal  
Illinois Pet Trusts  
Illinois Dog Bite Law  
Illinois Dogfighting Law  
Indiana Endangered Species  
Indiana Animal Health Violations (puppy age sale law)  
Indiana Dogs as Personal Property  
Indiana Consolidated Guide Dog Laws  
Indiana. Chapter 25. Importation Permit  
Indiana Wild Animal Permit  
Indiana. Chapter 28. Permit to Take, Kill, or Capture Wild Animal Damaging Property  
Indiana Chapter 37. Harassment of Hunters, Trappers, and Fishermen  
Indiana Definition for Exotic Mammal  
Indiana Chapter 18. Crimes and Infractions  
Indiana Commercial Dog Breeder Regulation  
Indiana Humane Slaughter Act  
Indiana Consolidated Dog Laws  
Indiana Dog Bite Laws  
Indiana Other powers not limited (dog bites/ordinances)  
Indiana Veterinary Practice Laws  
Indiana Unlicensed dog as public nuisance; impounding; reclaiming; disposal of dogs not reclaimed  
Indiana Trust to provide for care of an animal alive during settlor's lifetime  
Indiana Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Indiana Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Kansas Commercialization of Wildlife  
Kansas Endangered Species  
Kansas farm animal and field crop and research facilities protection act  
Kansas Pet Trusts  
Kansas Consolidated Assistance Animal Laws  
Kansas Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Kansas Obstruction or impeding of lawful activities (hunter harassment)  
Kansas Dangerous Regulated Animals  
Kansas Humane Slaughter Laws  
Kansas Pet Animal Act  
Kansas Consolidated Dog Laws  
Kansas Veterinary Practice Laws  
Kansas Dog - Abandonment of animals; notice to owner; relief from liability for disposal; "abandoned" defined.  
Kansas Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Kentucky Statute - Buying or Selling Protected Wildlife  
Kentucky Endangered Species  
Kentucky Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Kentucky: emergency preparedness laws for pets  
Kentucky 150.425 Bounty on beaver  
Kentucky 150.710 Intentional obstruction of lawful taking of wildlife  
Kentucky - 189.510 Horse race on highway prohibited  
Kentucky Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Kentucky Consolidated Dog Laws  
Kentucky dog wardens, county ordinances, dog pounds  
Kentucky dog seizure, impounding, and destruction dog lacking tag; exemption of hunting dog  
Kentucky Licensed dogs as personal property; destruction prohibited  
Kentucky dogs confinement and control at night; exemption of hunting; destruction of dog running at large at night  
Kentucky dog confinement and destruction causing damage to livestock, persons, or poultry  
Kentucky dog quarantine in case of excessive damage to livestock, poultry, or domestic game birds  
Kentucky Other state and local laws not affected  
Kentucky Veterinary Practice Laws  
Kentucky. 437.060 Use of reptiles in religious services.  
Kentucky Protection of Animal Facilities  
Kentucky Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Kentucky. 65.877 Local governments' authority to regulate holding of inherently dangerous wildlife; list of inherently dangerous wildlife  
Louisiana Endangered Species  
Louisiana House Bill 2064 (Prohibits Illegal Dog Training)  
Louisiana Senate Bill 682 (Prohibits All Animal Fighting)  
Louisiana Senate Bill 866 (Dogfighting Amendments)  
Louisiana Dog Bite law (Damage caused by animals - civil code)  
Louisiana Consolidated Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Louisiana House Bill Prohibiting Killing of Zoo Animal for Sport  
Louisiana Consolidated Cruelty Laws  
Louisiana Dangerous Dog Laws  
Louisiana Dog Bite/Dangerous Dog Laws  
Louisiana. § 107.1. Ritualistic acts  
Louisiana § 228. Interference with animal research facilities or animal management facilities  
Louisiana Veterinary Practice Code  
Louisiana Consolidated Dog Laws  
Louisiana: emergency preparedness for pets  
Louisiana § 1731. Gratuitous service at scene of emergency; emergency care at hospitals; limitation of liability  
Louisiana. Part II. Corporations for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  
Louisiana Parishes and municipalities may regulate (dogs)  
Louisiana Leash Law  
Louisiana Leash Law - Violation of rights; injury or interference with an assistance dog; penalties; civil action; damages; cost and attorney fees  
Temporary restraining order  
Louisiana. § 116.5. Computer-assisted remote hunting prohibited; penalties  
Louisiana Harassment of Hunters, Trappers, and Fishermen Prohibited  
Louisiana Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Louisiana. § 2796.2. Limitation of liability for loss connected with festivals, programs, or activities sponsored by an animal sanctuary  
Massachusetts Birds of Prey  
Massachusetts Propagation of Wild Animals  
Massachusetts Ban on Wild Dog and Cat Hybrids  
Massachusetts Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Massachusetts Veterinary Practice Laws  
Massachusetts Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Massachusetts License plates for vehicles transporting equine animals  
Massachusetts § 5C. Obstruction or interference with lawful taking of fish or wildlife; remedies  
Massachusetts § 80A. Leghold traps and certain other devices restricted; punishment  
Massachusetts Endangered Species Act  
Massachusetts Consolidated Dog Laws  
Massachusetts by-laws and ordinances for regulation of dogs  
Massachusetts Ordinances and by-laws relating to dogs  
Massachusetts Violation of dog control laws; non-criminal disposition  
Massachusetts Leash Law (Restraint of dogs in public highway rest areas; penalty)  
Massachusetts § 3C. Trusts for the care of animals  
Massachusetts. § 11. Possession, care and control of domesticated animal owned by persons involved in certain protective orders; notice to law enforcement upon finding of imminent threat to household  
Massachusetts State Cat  
Massachusetts § 277A. Marking or labelling of furs; misrepresentations  
Massachusetts Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Massachusetts Lost Goods and Stray Beasts  
US Migratory Bird Treaty Act  
Maryland Endangered Species  
Maryland Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Maryland Captive Wildlife  
Maryland Funds for Endangered Species  
Transporting Horses  
Maryland Consolidated Dog Laws  
Maryland Veterinary Practice Laws  
Maryland Humane Slaughter Laws  
Maryland dog licenses; seizure of dogs at large  
Maryland dog ordinance regulations (Carroll and Frederick counties)  
Maryland Washington county commissioners; adoption of ordinance (dogs)  
Maryland Dog Bite/Dangerous Dog Law  
Maryland § 10-621. Import, offer, or transfer of dangerous animal  
Maryland § 6-208. Breaking and entering a research facility  
Maryland Pet injuries; measure of damages  
Maryland § 14-112. Trusts for care of animals  
Maryland. Subtitle 5. Domestic Violence. Part I. Definitions; General Provisions.  
Maryland Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Maryland Part IV. Animal Control (dangerous animals)  
Maryland Initiatives from API  
Maryland § 10-422. Interference or disruption of hunting  
Maryland § 10-408.1. Trapping restrictions  
Maryland State Cat  
Maine Statutes. Chapter 925. Fish and Wildlife Management and Research  
Maine Protection from Abuse (protection orders to include animals)  
An Act To Prohibit Cruel Confinement of Calves Raised for Veal and Sows during Gestation  
Maine Equine Activity Liability Act  
Maine: Emergency Animal Response Team  
Maine Dog Bite/Dangerous Dog Laws  
Maine Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Maine Consolidated Dog Laws  
Maine Consolidated Cat Laws  
Maine § 10654. Harassment of hunters, trappers and anglers  
Maine Humane Slaughter Act  
Maine Veterinary Practice Code  
Maine Disposition of dogs at large  
Chapter 730-A. Breeding, Sale and Transportation of Small Mammals  
Maine Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Maine Lost Goods and Stray Beasts  
Maine: Keeping wildlife in captivity  
Maine Endangered Species  
Maine Endangered Species Prohibited Acts  
Maine Pet Trust  
Maine. § 2163. Sale of horsemeat  
Maine § 3931-B. Wolf hybrid kennel  
Michigan Senate Bill 754 Anti-Cruelty Counseling Measure  
Michigan Wolf-Dog Cross Act  
Michigan Large Carnivore Act  
Michigan Humane Slaughter  
MICH. COMP. LAWS §287.731 (2004).  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: General Appellate Rights and Public Access to Government  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Enforcement of Laws  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Pollution Protection/Enforcement  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Inland Lakes and Streams  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Wetland Protection  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Great Lakes Basin Compact  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Wilderness, Wild, and Natural Areas  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Biological Diversity Conservation  
Michigan Endangered Species Protection  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Wildlife Conservation  
Mi hunter harassment  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Wildlife Restoration  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Protection & Preservation of Fish, Game,& Birds  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Transgenic and Nonnative Organisms  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Private Shooting Preserves  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Hunting Area Control  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Furs, Hides and Pelts  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Breeders and Dealers  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Foxes in Captivity  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Limitation on Acreage for Propagation or Sporting Purposes  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Hunting and Fishing Licenses, part 1  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Part 2  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Aquatic Species  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Commercial Fishing  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Sport Fishing, part 1  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Sport Fishing, part 2  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: General Powers and Duties  
Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act: Recreational Trespass  
Michigan Statute of Limitations for Injuries to Persons or Property  
Michigan Equine Act  
Michigan Equine Activity Liability Act  
Michigan Pet Trusts  
M.C.L.A. 712A.18l. Evaluation of juvenile for psychiatric or psychological treatment; court order.  
Michigan Anti-animal Fighting Provision  
Michigan Duty to Provide Adequate Care Provision  
Michigan Leader Dog Provision  
Michigan Intention Infliction of Pain and Suffering Provision  
Michigan Police Animal Provision  
Michigan Duty to Enforce Provision  
Michigan Search and Seizure Provision  
Michigan Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Michigan State Constitution: State Lands  
Michigan State Constitution: Protection of Natural Resources  
Michigan State Constitution: Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund  
Michigan Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Legislative Analysis of MI Cruelty Law Amendments (MCL 750.50)  
Michigan Possession of wolf-dog cross  
Michigan Wolf-Dog Cross Act: Adoption of ordinances  
Michigan Consolidated Dog Laws  
Michigan Leash Law  
Michigan Animal control agency, establishment; county animal control ordinances  
Michigan City, village, or township animal control ordinances, authorization, contents; proof of vaccination for rabies  
Michigan Dangerous Dog & Dog Bite Law  
Michigan dog - Disposal of animals; holding period; notice to owner; records  
Michigan Chapter 287. Animal Industry Act.  
Michigan Veterinary Practice Laws  
Michigan 333.2671. Animals; use in research  
Michigan Lost and Unclaimed Property  
Michigan 750.51. Confining animals on railroad cars  
Bites by dog or wolf-dog crosses; persons responsible for actions of animal remaining on scene of bite; penalties and fines; police dog exception  
Michigan. Section 764.16. Arrest by Private Person.  
Michigan General powers of city, ordinances; ordinances and regulations consistent with state laws and constitution (dog)  
Minnesota Environmental Rights Act  
Minnesota Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Minnesota Endangered Species  
Minnestoa Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Minnesota Veterinary Practice Laws  
Minnesota - Fur Farming  
Minnesota Humane Slaughter Law  
Minnesota. Chapter 31. Food. Meats, Generally  
Minnesota Consolidated Dog Laws  
Minnesota 346.155. Possessing regulated animals  
Minnesota dogs; unlicensed dogs  
Minnesota Interpretation (dog ordinances)  
Minnesota Dangerous Dog Laws  
Minnesota. Chapter 35. Animal Health (Rabies Laws)  
Minnesota. 35.71. Unclaimed and unredeemed animals impounded; scientific use or other disposition  
Minnesota What electors may do at annual town meeting (dogs)  
Minnesota Town Board Powers Listed; Formal Name  
Minnesota 518B.01. Domestic Abuse Act  
Minnesota Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Minnesota 97A.037. Hunter, trapper, and angler harassment prohibited  
Minnesota. 97A.041. Exhibition of wildlife  
Minnesota. 97A.105. Game and fur farms.  
Minnesota. Chapter 97A. Game and Fish. Penalties.  
Minnesota. Chapter 97A. Game and Fish. Possession and Transportation of Wild Animals  
Minnesota M.S.A. 97B.645. Gray wolves  
Missouri Prop. B - Dog Breeding  
Missouri Endangered Species  
Missouri. Animal Care and Facilities Licensing and Regulation (Chap. 273)  
Missouri Hunting Regulations  
Missouri Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Missouri. Chapter 252. Department of Conservation--Fish and Game  
Missouri 252.040. Taking of wildlife--violations, misdemeanor--fur dealers and buyers violating recordkeeping rules, fine  
Missouri Consolidated Dog Laws  
Missouri Impounding of dogs--redemption--fees--penalty  
Missouri Chapter 322. Protection Against Rabies (County Regulation)  
Missouri Veterinary Practice Laws  
Missouri Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act  
Missouri Pet Trusts  
Missouri Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Missouri 537.524. Injunction and damages for interference with lawful hunting and trapping  
Missouri Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Missouri 578.023. Keeper of dangerous wild animals must register animals, exceptions--penalty  
Missouri Chapter 578. Miscellaneous Offenses. Animal Research and Production Facilities  
Missouri May regulate lumber yards--running at large of animals and fowls-- provide pounds and impose penalties  
Missouri. Title VII. Cities, Towns, and Villages  
Missouri Bd. of Aldermen Powers--regulation of lumberyards, fences, animals and poultry--may establish pounds  
Missouri Statutes - Miscellaneous Offenses  
Mississippi Offering of bounty  
Mississippi Killing of Wild Birds  
Mississippi Endangered Species  
Mississippi Veterinarian License Suspension or Revocation  
Michigan State University College of Law  
Mississippi Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Mississippi Dogs; animals running at large  
Mississippi Animal Control (impound and leash laws)  
Mississippi Consolidated Dog Laws  
Mississippi Dogs running at large; vaccination  
Mississippi § 49-7-147. Prevention of lawful wildlife taking  
Mississippi. § 49-7-68. Computer-assisted remote hunting  
Mississippi § 49-8-5. Classification of inherently dangerous animals  
Mississippi Animal Research or Exhibiting Facilities Protection Act  
Mississippi Veterinary Practice Laws  
Mississippi Code 75-35-21: Prohibited Acts in Farm Animal Slaughter  
Mississippi Code 75-35-7: Inspection for Humane Slaughter  
Mississippi Code 75-35-8: Humane Slaughter  
Mississippi Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Mississippi. § 97-3-45. Manslaughter, dangerous animal  
Mississippi Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Montana Pet Trusts  
Montana Unlawful to Sell Fish and Game  
Montana 87-3-142. Harassment prohibited (hunter harassment)  
Montana Regulation of Alternative Livestock Ranches  
Montana Endangered Species  
Montana Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Montana Dog Bite Law  
Montana Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Montana Veterinary Practice Laws  
Montana Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Montana Lost Property Statutes  
Montana Consolidated Dog Laws  
Montana County control of dogs  
Montana Vicious dog control  
Montana Relation of municipal dog license tags to other laws  
Montana Chapter 30. Protection of Farm Animals and Research Facilities  
Montana. 81-9-240. Equine slaughter or processing facilities--no injunction to stop--damages allowed for delay  
Montana. Part 10. Fur Farms  
Montana Part 8. Menageries and Zoos  
Montana. Part 3. Grizzly Bear  
Montana. Part 7. Importation, Introduction, and Transplantation of Wildlife  
North Carolina Violations for Selling Wildlife  
North Carolina Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
North Carolina Standard of Health Care  
North Carolina Equine Activity Liability Act  
North Carolina Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Dealer Licenses  
North Carolina. § 113-291.1A. Computer-assisted remote hunting prohibited  
North Carolina § 113-295. Unlawful harassment of persons taking wildlife resources  
North Carolina Endangered Species Act  
North Carolina Dogs and cats not wearing required rabies vaccination tags  
North Carolina Destroying stray dogs and cats in quarantine districts  
North Carolina City and County Regulation of Dangerous Animals  
North Carolina Regulation of domestic animals  
North Carolina Animal taxes  
North Carolina Consolidated Dog Statutes  
North Carolina Pet Trusts  
North Carolina Chapter 50B. Domestic Violence. § 50B-3. Relief  
North Carolina Dogs injuring deer or bear on wildlife management area may be killed; impounding unmuzzled dogs running at large  
North Carolina Dangerous Dog Laws  
North Carolina Local ordinances  
North Carolina Veterinary Practice Laws  
North Carolina Dog - Abandonment of animals; notice to owner  
North Dakota Bald and Golden Eagle Protected  
North Dakota Consolidated Dog Laws  
North Dakota Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
North Dakota Chapter 12.1-21.1. Animal Research Facility Damage  
Endangered species definitions  
North Dakota § 20.1-01-31. Interference with rights of hunters and trappers  
North Dakota Dog - Rabies quarantine; Enforcement authority  
Chapter 36 of West's North Dakota Century Code Annotated; State Board of Animal Health  
North Dakota Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
North Dakota Additional powers of city council and board of city commissioners (dogs)  
North Dakota Veterinary Practice Laws  
North Dakota Equine Activity Liability Statute  
North Dakota Trust for care of animal  
North Dakota Lost Property Statutes  
Nebraska Wildlife Regulations  
Nebraksa Destruction of Predators  
Nebraska Endangered Species  
Nebraska Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Nebraska Animals at large; regulation; penalty.  
Nebraska Dogs and other animals; licensing; regulation.  
Nebraska Dogs and other animals; license tax; enforcement.  
Nebraska Equine Activity Liability Statute  
Nebraska Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Nebraska Pet Trust  
Nebraska Article 2. Game Law General Provisions  
Nebraksa Special Permits and Licenses (keeping of wild animals)  
Nebraska Interference with Person Hunting, Trapping, or Fishing  
Nebraska. Nebraska Meat and Poultry Inspection Law  
Nebraska Article 23. Domesticated Cervine Animal Act  
Nebraska Consolidated Dog Laws  
Nebraska Dogs; license tax; amount.  
Nebraska Dangerous Dog/Dog Bite Laws  
Nebraska Dangerous dogs; local laws or ordinances.  
Nebraska Livestock Animal Welfare Act  
Nebraska Veterinary Practice Laws  
Nebraska Dog - Rabies control authority; pounds; authorized; impoundment; notice; release; fee.  
New Hampshire Bald and Golden Eagles  
New Hampshire Endangered Species  
New Hampshire: Emergency Policy for Service Animals  
New Hampshire Chapter 466-A. Wolf Hybrids  
New Hampshire Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
New Hampshire Cruelty to Animals  
New Hampshire 207:14 Import, Possession, or Release of Wildlife.  
New Hampshire. Chapter 207. General Provisions as to Fish and Game. Wildlife Damage Control  
New Hampshire Interference with Hunting, Trapping or Fishing  
New Hampshire. 207:61 Wolf Introduction Prohibited.  
New Hampshire Veterinary Practice Code  
New Hampshire Humane Slaughter Laws  
New Hampshire Chapter 435. Animal Care, Breeding and Feed  
New Hampshire dog impoundment of dog without a tag  
New Hampshire Consolidated Dog Laws  
New Hampshire dog; order; rabies epidemic  
New Hampshire Dog Control Law  
New Hampshire Muzzling and Restraining Referendum  
New Hampshire Dangerous Dog/Bite Laws  
New Hampshire Dogs and Cats Group Licenses  
New Hampshire Equine Activity Liability Act  
New Hampshire Pet Trust  
New Jersey Endangered Species  
New Jersey Chapter 7A. Preventing Lawful Taking of Wildlife.  
New Jersey Pet Trusts  
New Jersey dog impound statutes  
New Jersey: State emergency operation plan for animals  
New Jersey Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
New Jersey Unlawful Trapping Provisions  
New Jersey. 23:4-24.5. Computer-assisted remote hunting prohibited; definitions; exception for certain hunters  
2C:25-28. Complaint by victim; emergency relief; temporary restraining orders; service of process  
New Jersey Veterinary Practice Laws  
New Jersey Annual dog taxes  
New Jersey disposition of dog fees collected  
New Jersey Dog License fee may be fixed by ordinance; fee otherwise  
New Jersey Dog Bite Law  
New Jersey Consolidated Dog Laws  
New Jersey Liability of owner for costs of impoundment and destruction (dogs)  
New Jersey Fees for license (dog)  
New Jersey Supersedure of local law, ordinance or regulation (dog)  
New Jersey Use of tax collections to pay claims; handling of fund  
New Jersey Right to destroy offending dogs  
New Jersey Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
New Jersey. 4:22-25.5. Prohibition upon slaughter of horses for human consumption; punishment  
New Jersey Chapter 14. Fur Products.  
New Jersey Pet Purchase Protection Act  
New Jersey Equine Activity Liability Statute  
New Mexico Endangered Species  
New Mexico Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
New Mexico Equine Activity Liability Act  
New Mexico Pet Trusts  
New Mexico Animals as Personal Property  
New Mexico Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
New Mexico § 17-2-7.1. Interference prohibited; criminal penalties; civil penalties; revocation of license, certificate or permit  
New Mexico. § 17-3-49. Computer-assisted remote hunting prohibited; penalties  
New Mexico. § 17-4-35. Aquatic invasive species control  
New Mexico. Article 5. Trappers and Fur Dealers  
New Mexico Veterinary Practice Laws  
New Mexico. Article 15. Predatory Wild Animals and Rodent Pests  
New Mexico Vicious animals; rabid or unvaccinated dogs and cats; failure to destroy  
New Mexico Local control by ordinance; dogs and cats running at large  
New Mexico Regulation and licensure of dogs; impoundment of animals; qualified service animals exempt.  
New Mexico Abandoned dogs and cats; notice to owner; disposal without liability  
New Mexico Consolidated Dog Laws  
New Mexico Dog Bite (Rabies Provisions)  
Nevada Pet Trusts  
Nevada Personal Property Defined  
Nevada Definition of Wildlife  
Nevada Endangered Species  
Nevada Protection of American and Golden Eagle  
Nevada Possession of Wildlife  
Michigan State University College of Law  
Nevada Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Nevada: Emergency management plan for pets  
Nevada Consolidated Dog Laws  
Nevada Dog Bite/Dangerous Dog  
Nevada Ordinance concerning control of animals  
Nevada Statute Order for Protection Against Domestic Violence  
Nevada 503.015. Interference with person lawfully hunting or trapping  
Nevada Consolidated Cruelty Laws  
Nevada Pet Sale Laws  
Nevada Veterinary Practice Laws  
New York Endangered Species  
New York Bald and Golden Ealges Prohibited Acts  
New York Canned Shoots Prohibited  
New York Orders of Protection (amend to include companion animals)  
New York: state disaster preparedness plans for pets  
New York. Agriculture and Markets Law. Article 3. Investigation; Practice and Procedure; Violations; Penalties.  
New York Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
New York § 370. Protection of the public from attack by wild animals and reptiles  
New York Consolidated Dog Laws  
§ 399-aaa. Selling and manufacturing of fur-bearing articles of clothing  
New York Licensing of dogs; rabies vaccination requirement  
New York dog License fees  
New York Seizure of dogs; redemption periods; impoundment fees; adoption  
New York Dog Bite/Dangerous Dog Law  
New York Local laws or ordinances (dogs)  
New York Dog stealing  
New York Dogs - Pounds and shelters  
New York Veterinary Practice Laws  
New York Title 5. Fish and Wildlife Management Practices Cooperative Program; Prohibitions; Taking of Fish, Wildlife, Shellfish and Crustacea for Scientific or Propagation Purposes; Destructive Wildli  
New York. § 13-0338. Sharks; finning prohibited  
New York § 11-0917. Possession, transportation and sale of wild game and other wildlife  
New York Title 11. Trapping  
New York. Environmental Conservation Law. Article 71. Enforcement.  
New York Title 1. Short Title; Definitions; General Provisions (wildlife definitions, feral cat definition)  
New York Pet Trusts  
New York Preemption of local laws  
§ 209-cc. Notification of presence of wild animals and dangerous dogs.  
New York Disposition of stray or unwanted dogs by municipality  
New York Compensation for harm to a guide, hearing or service dog  
New York Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
New York: McKinney's CPL § 2.10. Persons designated as peace officers  
New York Lost Property Statutes  
McKinney's Public Health Law § 500-505  
New York Racing and Wagering Board: Licenses for participants and employees at race meetings  
New York Town ordinances  
Ohio Endangered Species  
Ohio Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund  
Ohio Falconry  
Ohio Protection Afforded Nongame Birds  
Ohio Equine Activity Liability Act  
Ohio Bald Eagle License Plate Fund  
Ohio Cruelty  
Ohio Consolidated Assistance Animal Laws  
Ohio 1533.03 Harassment of hunters, trappers, and fishers prohibited  
Ohio. Chapter 1533. Hunting; Fishing. Fur Dealers  
Ohio. Chapter 1533. Hunting; Fishing. Restoration, Possession, and Transportation of Wildlife  
Ohio. Chapter 1717. Humane Societies. County Humane Societies  
Ohio 2923.31 Definitions (Animal or Ecological Terrorism)  
Ohio. 2927.21 Escape of exotic or dangerous animal; report  
Ohio Veterinary Practice Laws  
Ohio Trust for care of animal  
Ohio Impounding animals  
Ohio. Chapter 935. Dangerous Wild Animals and Restricted Snakes  
Ohio Humane Slaughter Laws  
Ohio Dog Laws (DD, ordinances, health, impound)  
Ohio County, township, and municipal corporation ordinances to control dogs  
Ohio. Chapter 956. Dog Breeding Kennels; Dog Retailers  
Oklahoma Dogs as Personal Property  
Oklahoma Protected Game Owls, Hawks, Falcons, Eagles  
Oklahoma Endangered Species  
Oklahoma Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Oklahoma Animals running at large--Regulation and taxation  
Oklahoma § 5-212. Obstruction of shooting, hunting, fishing and trapping prohibited--Landowner's rights--Penalties--Exemptions  
Oklahoma Dog - Use of impounded animals in scientific research  
Oklahoma Delivery of animals on demand--Municipal ordinances relating to impoundment and scientific research  
Oklahoma Dog Bite/Dangerous Dog Laws  
Oklahoma Counties over 200,000 population--Regulation and control of dogs running at large  
Oklahoma Dangerous Dog Definitions  
Oklahoma Chapter 59. Commercial Pet Breeders Act  
Michigan State University College of Law  
Oklahoma Equine Activity Liability Act  
Oklahoma Lost Property Statutes  
Oklahoma. § 717. Owner of mischievous animal which kills person  
Oklahoma § 60.2. Protective order--Petition--Complaint requirement for certain stalking victims--Fees  
Oklahoma. § 7-801. Exotic wildlife--Penalties for releasing  
Oklahoma. Part 5. Trapping  
Oklahoma: OK ST T. 29 § 7-501 to 504  
Oklahoma: OK ST T. 29 § 7-601 - 602  
Oklahoma G-1. Farm Animal, Crop, and Research Facilities Protection Act  
Oklahoma Veterinary Practice Laws  
Oklahoma § 199. Validity of a trust for the care of domestic or pet animals  
Oklahoma Leash Law (Dogs in state parks or on recreational grounds or monuments)  
Oklahoma Animal Facilities Protection Act  
Oklahoma § 4-107. Commercial wildlife breeder's license--Nonresident cat/bear temporary exhibitor's permit--Penalties  
Oklahoma Consolidated Dog Statutes  
Oregon Equine Activity Liability Act  
Oregon Endangered Species  
Oregon Dogs As Personal Property  
Oregon Canned Hunt Regulations  
Oregon Animal Definitions  
Oregon Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
107.718. Court order when petitioner in imminent danger of abuse; contents of petition, order and related forms  
Oregon Pet Trust  
Oregon Chapter 133. Arrest and Related Procedures; Search and Seizure; Extradition  
Oregon Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Oregon 167.390. Commerce in fur of domestic cats and dogs  
Oregon Damages recoverable for harm or theft of assistance animal  
Oregon: Emergency management plan for pets  
Oregon Consolidated Dog Statutes  
Oregon 496.994. Unlawful to obstruct the taking of wildlife  
Oregon: O.R.S. § 2 Possession, sale, etc. of shark fins prohibited; exceptions  
Oregon Humane Slaughter Laws  
Oregon Impoundment of dogs for harming or chasing livestock; tests to determine fact; costs  
Oregon dog; Guidelines for imposing reasonable measures, civil penalties or other sanctions  
Oregon Application of state law (dog ordinances)  
Oregon Notice by publication of election result; dogs running at large prohibited; violations; deposit of fees and fines  
Oregon Impounding dogs running at large  
OregonApplication of ORS 609.156, 609.162 and 609.168 to dog ordinances  
Oregon dog; opportunity of dog owner to request hearing  
Oregon dog; Hearings; notice of determination to owner; reexamination  
Oregon dog; Enhanced penalties for habitual violators (chasing livestock)  
Oregon Chapter 609. Animal Control; Exotic Animals; Dealers  
Oregon Inspection of records; procedure for obtaining animal held by dealer; failure to turn over animal; inspection of facilities  
Oregon. Chapter 610. Predatory Animals  
Oregon Veterinary Practice Code  
Oregon Lost, Unordered and Unclaimed Property  
Pennsylvania Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Pennsylvania Endangered Species  
Pennsylvania, Title 34 Pa.C.S.A. Game, Chapter 23. Hunting and Furtaking, Subchapter D. Furtaking Regulations  
Pennsylvania Dog Laws  
Pennsylvania Dog Purchaser Protection Plan  
Pennsylvania Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Pennsylvania § 3309. Agricultural vandalism, § 3310. Agricultural crop destruction, § 3311. Ecoterrorism  
Pennsylvania Pet Trust Law  
Chapter 37. Humane Society Police Officers  
Pennsylvania. Chapter 29. Special Licenses and Permits. Subchapter A. General Provisions.  
Pennsylvania Subchapter D. Permits Relating to Wildlife  
Pennsylvania § 2302. Interference with lawful taking of wildlife or other activities permitted by this title prohibited  
Pennsylvania dog quarantine area  
Pennsylvania Humane Slaughter Laws  
Pennsylvania. Chapter 7A. Rabies Prevention and Control in Domestic Animals and Wildlife Act.  
Pennsylvania § 8331.1. Veterinary good Samaritan civil immunity  
Pennsylvania Equine Activity Liability Laws  
Pennsylvania Veterinary Practice Laws  
Pennsylvania Dog and Cat Product Act  
Pennsylvania Applicability to cities of the first class, second class, second class A and third class (dog municipal ordinances)  
Pennsylvania Construction of article (dangerous dogs)  
Pennsylvania Construction of article (sterilization of dogs & cats)  
Pennsylvania General immunity from noise (dog training)  
Pennsylvania Nuisances and injunction  
Pennsylvania To tax and destroy dogs  
Pennsylvania Regulation of dogs (local)  
US Public Law 94-279 (AWA)  
Puerto Rico Powers and faculties-- In general (dog ordinances)  
Puerto Rico Municipal regulation of domestic animals  
Puerto Rico. § 1678 Protection orders.  
Rhode Island Endangered Species  
Rhode Island Poultry Transp. Law  
Rhode Island Cat Identification Program (Cat Laws)  
Rhode Island Consolidated Assistance Animal Laws  
Rhode Island § 20-13-16. Harassment of hunters, trappers, and fishers prohibited  
General Laws of Rhode Island: Fur-Bearing Animals  
Rhode Island Regulatory ordinances -- Enforcement and penalties (dogs)  
Rhode Island Collaring of dogs -- Impoundment and disposition of uncollared dogs  
Rhode Island Ordinances concerning unrestricted and vicious dogs prohibited -- Leash laws  
Rhode Island Towns of Portsmouth, West Warwick, and Middletown and city of Woonsocket -- Vicious dog ordinance.  
Rhode Island Consolidated Dog Laws  
Rhode Island vicious dog licensing ordinances and fees.  
Rhode Island Responsibility for local rabies control.  
Rhode Island Prior ordinances preserved (dogs)  
Rhode Island Disposition of dog license fees  
Rhode Island. Chapter 14. Damage by Animals  
Rhode Island Veterinarian's emergency treatment of animals -- Immunity from liability  
Rhode Island Humane Slaughter Laws  
Rhode Island Chapter 18. Importation of Wild Animals  
Rhode Island penalties for violations of dog laws  
Rhode Island. Chapter 1.1. Unlawful Confinement of a Covered Animal  
Rhode Island Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Rhode Island. Chapter 20. Rodeo Animals and Livestock  
Rhode Island Equine Activity Liability Act  
Rhode Island Pet Trust  
Rhode Island Pet Warranties  
Rhode Island. Chapter 26. The Rhode Island Livestock Welfare and Care Standards Advisory Board Council Act of 2012  
Rhode Island Veterinary Practice Laws  
South Carolina Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
South Carolina Chapter 21. Farm Animal and Research Facilities Protection Act  
South Carolina Killing or Molesting Bald Eagle  
South Carolina Endangered Species  
South Carolina Chapter 16. Importation of Wildlife  
South Carolina Pet Trust  
South Carolina Consolidated Assistance Animal Laws  
South Carolina Dogfighting Laws  
South Carolina Veterinary Practice Laws  
Fitness of registered companion dog or cat for sale; definitions; certifications; remedies.  
South Carolina Consolidated Dog Laws  
South Carolina dangerous dog - Liability of owner or person having dog in his care or keeping  
South Carolina Local animal care and control ordinances authorized  
South Carolina Dog - Impoundment or quarantine of cat or dog running at large; release to owner  
South Carolina Dog - Destruction of identifiable dog by animal control officer; prior owner notification  
South Carolina Dog - Seizure and impoundment of dangerous animal  
South Carolina Prohibition on sale of wild carnivores as pets; sale of domesticated ferrets.  
South Carolina Equine Activity Liability Statute  
South Carolina. Article 12. Trapping Furbearing Animals, Regulation of Dealers, Buyers, Processors, and Transporters of Furs or Similar Products or Articles  
South Carolina. Article 13. Fox and Coyote Hunting Enclosures  
South Carolina Leash Law - Dogs engaged in hunting not required to be constrained by leash  
South Carolina. § 50-11-95. Computer-assisted remote hunting and remote hunting facilities; penalties; exceptions.  
§ 50-16-20. Importation of wildlife for certain purposes prohibited; investigation; permit  
South Carolina. § 50-1-125. Wildlife defined; penalties for trafficking in wildlife.  
South Carolina - § 50-1-137. Impeding or obstructing hunting, trapping, fishing, or harvesting of marine species unlawful; penalty.  
South Carolina. § 50-1-270. Liability for gross destruction or injury to wildlife, aquatic life, endangered or threatened species, or state lands or waters.  
South Carolina Leash Law - Certain Acts Unlawful at State Parks  
South Dakota Endangered Species  
South Dakota 41-1-8. Interference with lawful hunting, trapping, or fishing prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor  
South Dakota. 41-8-28. Trap robbing or injury as misdemeanor.  
South Dakota Equine Activity Liability Act  
South Dakota Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
South Dakota Veterinary Practice Laws  
South Dakota Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
South Dakota Dog Bite/Vicious Dog Law  
South Dakota Consolidated Dog Laws  
South Dakota Running at large prohibited by county -- County license or tax on dogs  
South Dakota. Chapter 40-35. Domesticated Fur-Bearing Animals  
South Dakota. Chapter 40-36. Predatory Animal and Reptile Control  
South Dakota Chapter 40-38. Protection of Animal Facilities  
South Dakota. Chapter 40-3. State Animal Industry Board (Captive Non-Domestic Animals)  
South Dakota Lost and Found Property  
South Dakota Pet Trust Law  
Tennessee Malpractice Burden of proof; expert  
Tennessee Pet Trusts  
Tennessee Liability for death of pet; damages; exemptions  
Tennessee Equine Activity Liability Act  
TN - Vet liens  
Tennessee Endangered Species  
Tennessee Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Tennessee Domestic Violence Definition  
Tennessee Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Tennessee Part 8. Farm Animal and Research Facilities Protection  
Tennessee. § 39-17-101. Dangerous snakes or reptiles; handling  
Tennessee Consolidated Dog Laws  
Tennessee dangerous dogs - Death or serious injury; destruction  
Tennessee Use of electronic locating collars on dogs  
Tennessee Commercial Breeder Act  
Tennessee. Chapter 21. Liability of Bovine Owners  
Tennessee Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act of 2007  
Tennessee Dog - Dogs and cats; licenses, shelters and other animal control facilities  
Tennessee Veterinary Practice Laws  
Tennessee Chapter 8. Rabies.  
Tennessee Dog Tag Requirement  
Tennessee Dog - Crimes and offenses; unvaccinated dog  
Tennessee Dog - Seizure; destruction  
Tennessee. Part 2. Wildlife Regulation and Protection  
Tennessee Part 3. Hunter Protection Act.  
Tennessee Part 4. Exotic Animals  
Tennessee. Part 5. Computer-Assisted Hunting from Remote Locations  
Texas Preemption  
Texas Criminal Cruelty to Animals  
Texas Dog Fighting  
Texas Threats to Public Safety or Damage by Wildlife  
Texas Counseling Required  
Texas Controlled Killing of or Attempting to Injure Dangerous Wild Animals Prohibited  
Texas Eagle Hunting  
Texas Endangered Species  
Texas Chapter 821  
Texas Dog Bite/Dangerous Dogs  
Texas Regulation of Animals 2  
Texas Regulation of Animals 3  
Texas Dangerous Dogs  
Texas Dangerous Wild Animals  
Texas Animal Shelters  
Texas Veterinary Practice Laws  
Sale of Horsemeat for Human Consumption  
Texas Equine Activity Liability Act  
Texas. § 85.021. Requirements of Order Applying to Any Party  
Texas: Emergency Management Plans for Pets  
Texas Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Texas Registration; Criminal Penalty (cats and dogs)  
Texas Area Rabies Quarantine  
Texas Dogs or Coyotes That Attack Animals  
Texas Reporting of Incident in Certain Counties and Municipalities (dog)  
Texas Vaccination; Criminal Penalty (dogs)  
Texas Registration of Dogs and Cats by Local Governments  
Texas Restraint, Impoundment, and Disposition of Dogs and Cats  
Texas Restraint; Criminal Penalty (dog and cat)  
Texas. Chapter 829. Animal Control Officer Training  
Texas Consolidated Dog Laws  
Texas Subchapter A. Regulation of Keeping of Wild Animals  
Texas. Section 215.032. Exhibitions; Shows; Amusements  
Texas Subtitle D. Other Amusements and Entertainment. Chapter2152. Regulation of Circuses, Carnivals, and Zoos.  
Texas § 62.0125. Harassment of Hunters, Trappers, and Fishermen  
Texas. § 62.002. Computer-Assisted Remote Hunting  
Texas. § 62.015. Hunting and Possession of Exotic Animals  
Texas. Subchapter B. Nongame Animals  
Texas. Chapter 65. Alligators  
Texas Endangered Species  
Texas. Section 42.01. Disorderly Conduct.  
Texas Pet Trust  
Utah § 23-20-29. Interference with hunting prohibited--Action to recover damages--Exceptions  
Utah Wanton Destruction of Wildlife  
Utah Illegal Taking of Wildlife Reimbursable Damages  
Utah Eagle Use in Worship for Inmates  
Utah Pet Trusts  
Utah Damages recoverable for harm to or theft of assistance animal  
Utah Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Utah Consolidated Dog Laws  
Utah Dogs --License and tax --Destruction, sale or other disposal.  
Utah Animal Welfare Act  
Utah Animal Shelter Pet Sterilization Act  
Utah Community Cat Act  
Utah Dog Bite Law  
Utah. Title 23. Wildlife Resources Code of Utah  
Utah. Chapter 18. Furbearers.  
Utah. Chapter 27. Aquatic Invasive Species Interdiction Act  
Utah. Chapter 29. Wolf Management Act  
Utah. Chapter 23. Agricultural and Wildlife Damage Prevention Act  
Utah Veterinary Practice Laws  
Utah dog or pet abandoned at vet  
Utah § 76-6-110. Offenses committed against animal enterprises--Definitions--Enhanced penalties  
Utah. § 76-6-111. Wanton destruction of livestock--Penalties--Seizure and disposition of property  
Utah. Agricultural operation interference--Penalties  
Utah Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Utah Safekeeping by officer pending disposition --Records required -- Stray animals.  
Utah Equine Activity Liability Act  
Virginia Unlawful to Take Wild Animals  
Virginia Endangered Species  
Virginia Cockfighting Statutes  
Virginia Illegal to Sell Dog or Cat Fur  
Virginia Comprehensive Animal Laws Definitions  
Virginia Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Virginia. § 29.1-517. Fur-bearing animals  
Virginia § 29.1-521.1. Willfully impeding hunting or trapping; penalty  
Virginia. § 29.1-530.3. Remote hunting prohibited; penalty  
Virginia rabies regulations covering local ordinances  
Virginia . Regulations to prevent spread of rabies and running at large of vicious dogs  
Virginia Dog killing other domestic animals other than livestock or poultry  
Virginia Compensation for livestock and poultry killed by dogs  
Virginia Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Virginia definitions relating to hybrid dogs  
Virginia Dogs and cats deemed personal property; rights relating thereto  
Virginia Unlawful acts related to dog ordinances and pets generally  
Virginia Equine Activity Liability Act  
Virginia Consolidated Dog Laws  
Virginia Local ordinances; penalties  
Virginia Unlicensed dogs prohibited; local ordinances for licensing cats  
Virginia How to obtain dog or cat license  
Virginia Amount of dog or cat license tax  
Virginia Authority to control dangerous or vicious dogs  
Virginia Authority to prohibit training of attack dogs  
Virginia Governing body of county, city, or town may adopt certain ordinances (dogs)  
Virginia Regulation of sale of animals procured from animal shelters  
Virginia Referendum on ordinance requiring dogs to be kept on leash, etc.  
Virginia Dog - Disposition of animals other than those in county or city pounds  
Virginia Dog - Animal shelters; confinement and disposition of  
Virginia Dogs - Releasing agencies other than pounds or animal shelters; confinement and disposition of companion animals  
Virginia Dog- Notification by individuals finding companion animals; penalty  
Virginia Rabid animals  
Virginia Inoculation for rabies at animal shelters  
Virginia Animal Cruelty Investigator and Seizure Provisions  
Virginia Animal Cruelty - Dog/Cat Fur Prohibition  
Virginia Article 11. Hybrid Canines  
Virginia: Emergency plan for pets  
Virginia Veterinary Practice Laws  
Virginia Pet Trust  
Virginia. Article 8. Pet Cemeteries.  
Vermont Endangered Species  
Vermont Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Vermont § 4708. Interference with hunting, fishing or trapping  
Vermont. § 4714. Importation and possession of animals for hunting  
Vermont § 4502 Uniform point system; revocation of (hunting) license  
Vermont § 4709. Importation, stocking wild animals  
Vermont. § 4715. Remote-control hunting  
Vermont Equine Activity Liability Law  
Vermont Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Vermont Consolidated Dog Laws  
Vermont Dog - Impounding Provisions for Dogs & Wolf-Hybrids  
Vermont Enumeration of powers (dog ordinances)  
Vermont Veterinary Practice Laws  
Vermont Lost Property Statutes  
Vermont. Chapter 173. Domestic Fur-Bearing Animals  
Vermont Humane Slaughter Laws  
Vermont. § 408. Trust for care of animal  
Vermont Protection Order Amendment to Include Animals  
Vermont. Subchapter 2. Pounds and Impounding  
Washington. 60.56.025. Lien created for care of animal seized by law enforcement officer  
Washington Protection of Bald Eagles  
Washington Endangered Species  
Washington Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Washington Pet Trusts  
Washington Dog Bite/Dangerous Dog Laws  
Washington Dangerous dogs and related definitions  
Washington dangerous dogs, potentially dangerous dogs (ordinances), dogs not declared dangerous  
Washington Consolidated Dog Laws  
Washington Dog control zones (ordinances)-regulations and license fees  
Washington Chapter 16.30. Dangerous Wild Animals  
Washington Chapter 16.36. Animal Health.  
Washington Humane Slaughter  
Washington Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Washington Veterinary Practice Code  
Washington 19.86.145. Penalties--Animals used in biomedical research  
Washington Chapter 26.50. Domestic Violence Prevention. 26.50.060. Relief--Duration--Realignment of designation of parties--Award of costs, service fees, and attorneys' fees  
Washington dog ordinances - specific powers enumerated  
Washington dog ordinances additional power of cities  
Washington Equine Activity Liability Act  
Washington 4.24.570. Acts against animals in research or educational facilities  
Washington Lost Property Statutes  
Washington Unlawful Trapping Laws  
Washington 77.15.210. Obstructing the taking of fish, shellfish, or wildlife--Penalty  
Washington: RCW 77.15.250. Unlawful release of fish, shellfish, or wildlife-Penalty-Unlawful release of deleterious exotic wildlife-Penalty  
Washington: RCW 77.15.253. Unlawful use of prohibited aquatic animal species-Penalty  
Washington: RCW 77.15.260. Unlawful trafficking in fish, shellfish, or wildlife-Penalty  
Washington. 77.15.740. Protection of southern resident orca whales--Penalty  
Washington. 77.15.770. Unlawful trade in shark fins--Penalty  
Washington. 77.15.790. Negligently feeding, attempting to feed, or attracting large wild carnivores to land or a building--Infraction  
Washington. 77.32.585. Release of wild beavers  
Washington. 9.41.185. Coyote getters  
Wisconsin Poultry Transportation Law  
Wisconsin Question 62 - Hunting Cats  
Wisconsin Shooting at Caged or Staked Animals  
Wisconsin Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Wisconsin 100.35. Furs to be labeled  
Wisconsin Chapter 169. Captive Wildlife  
Wisconsin Strays and Lost Chattels  
Wisconsin dog impound; reasons for taking custody of animals  
Wisconsin dog impound; disposition of animals  
Wisconsin Consolidated Dog Laws  
Wisconsin dog registration; licensing; listing of dogs by municipality  
Wisconsin Dog licenses and collar tags  
Wisconsin dog damaging domestic animals including ranch mink  
Wisconsin dog damages; actions against owners  
Wisconsin 29.083. Interference with hunting, fishing or trapping  
Wisconsin 29.627. Domestic fur-bearing animal farms  
Wisconsin Wildlife Damage  
Wisconsin Veterinary Practice Code  
Wisconsin County administration (dog ordinances)  
Wisconsin dog ordinances by county board  
Milwaukee County Ordinances Subjects  
Wisconsin dog ordinances; town board powers  
Wisconsin Pet Trusts  
Wisconsin Equine Activity Liability Act  
Wisconsin Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
Wisconsin W. S. A. 95.13 Misrepresenting breed of domestic animal  
Wisconsin W.S.A. 95.20. Import and movement of animals  
Wisconsin W.S.A. 95.21. Rabies control program  
Wisconsin W.S.A. 95.80. Humane slaughtering  
Wisconsin. 97.45. Labeling of horsemeat  
Wisconsin Endangered Species  
West Virginia Wildlife Forfeiture  
West Virginia Protection of Eagles  
West Virginia Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
West Virginia Dogs - Impounding and disposition of dogs; costs and fees  
West Virginia Dog Bite/Dangerous Dog  
West Virginia Vaccinated dogs and cats may run at large unless ordinance  
West Virginia. Article 2B. Inspection of Meat and Poultry.  
West Virginia Humane Slaughter Laws  
West Virginia Consolidated Dog Laws  
West Virginia Dog - Dogs chasing deer  
West Virginia Interference with hunters, trappers and fishermen  
West Virginia. § 20-2-50. Permit to hunt, kill, etc., wildlife for scientific or propagation purposes  
West Virginia § 20-2-51. Permit for keeping pets  
West Virginia Equine Activity Liability Act  
West Virginia Veterinary Practice Code  
West Virginia § 44D-1-110. Others treated as qualified beneficiaries  
West Virginia § 48-27-503. Permissive provisions in protective order.  
West Virginia Leash Law (Unlawful to kill or molest animals, birds or fowls upon grounds of capitol; powers and duties of security officers; penalties)  
West Virginia Consolidated Cruelty Statutes  
West Virginia Dog Head Tax and Registration; impoundment  
Wyoming Unlawful Killing of Wild Horses  
Wyoming Taking of Eagle Prohibited  
Wyoming Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws  
Wyoming Consolidated Dog Laws  
Wyoming dog killing sheep or other domestic animals; destruction  
Wyoming dogs at large as public nuisance  
Wyoming. Chapter 48. Feral Livestock  
Wyoming dog ordinances; general powers of governing bodies  
Wyoming Equine Activity Liability Act  
Wyoming. Article 10. Grizzly Bear Relocation  
Wyoming Ownership of wildlife; purpose of provisions  
Wyoming Article 3. Miscellaneous Fees; Taxidermists; Trapping; Fur Dealers  
Wyoming. § 23-3-304. Certain trapping devices unlawful; game for bait prohibited; baiting big game animals prohibited; penalties  
Wyoming Article 4. Miscellaneous Acts Prohibited (hunter harassment)  
Wyoming. Article 2. Aquatic Invasive Species  
Wyoming applicant for license to file verified declaration  
Wyoming Veterinary Practice Laws  
Wyoming dogs disposition of unclaimed animals at vet; "abandoned animals".  
Wyoming Pet Trust  
Wyoming Consolidated Cruelty Statutes