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Indiana Great Ape Laws

Statute Name Citation Summary
IN - Cruelty - Consolidated Cruelty Statutes   IN ST 35-46-3-.05 to 15; IN ST 36-8-3-18   These Indiana statutes set forth the anti-cruelty laws.  As used in this chapter, "animal" does not include a human being.  A person having a vertebrate animal in the person's custody who recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally abandons or neglects the animal commits cruelty to an animal, a Class B misdemeanor.  A person who knowingly or intentionally purchases or possesses an animal for the purpose of using the animal in an animal fighting contest commits a Class A misdemeanor.  
IN - Endangered Species - Chapter 34. Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation   IN ST 14-22-34-1 to 21   These Indiana statutes set out the definitions related to endangered species and prohibit any form of possession of listed species, including taking, transporting, purchasing or selling except by permit.  Listed species may be removed, captured, or destroyed if it is shown by good cause that the species are causing property damage or are a danger to human health.  
IN - Exotic pet - Chapter 26. Wild Animal Permit.   IN ST 14-22-26-1 to 14-22-26-6   This set of Indiana laws concerns the keeping of protected and dangerous wild animals. Under the law, a person must obtain a permit to possess these classes of animals. A permit may be suspended if an emergency exists (e.g., the animal is in peril or the animal is in a position to harm another animal). (See also Link to Sec. 87. "Exotic mammal" definition).

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