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ALDF v. Conyers  
ALDF v. Veneman  
ALDF v. Veneman (zoo policy)  
ALDF v. Yost (chimpanzee cruelty)  
Amazon v. HSUS Complaint  
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals et al v. Ringling Brothers, et al  
Ammon v. Welty  
Andrews v. City of West Branch, Iowa (1983 action dog killing)  
ASPCA v. Ringling Brothers Circus  
Betts v. City of Long Beach  
Brock v. Rowe  
Cable v. Burrows Judgment Award  
California Criminal Protective Order for DV  
Cat Champion Corp. v. Primrose  
Center for Animal Law and Advocacy v. Maggard  
Ciaccio v. City of Port St. Lucie Animal Control  
City and County of Denver v. State of Colorado  
Clark v. Cardinal Animal Care  
CVMA v. City of West Hollywood (cat de-claw ordinance)  
Danton v. St. Francis  
Danton v. St. Francis - Jury Instructions  
DeSanctis v. Pritchard (leave to appeal)  
Everette v. Highland Bird & Pet Clinic  
Friedman v. Kaiser-Permanente  
Fund for Animals v. U.S. BLM (horse management)  
Grizzel v. Hickey (Theft for Sale to Animal Research)  
Guha v. Corcpork  
Hair v. Quail Corners Animal Hospital  
Hammer v. AKC  
Hane v. James (monetary arbitration award)  
Harrington v. Hovenac (Cal. complaint for dog shooting)  
HSUS v. Johanns (horse slaughter)  
In re Callan Jr. Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem  
In re Estate of Howard Brand  
Ing v. American Airlines Complaint  
Krcmar v. Kirkland  
Lee v. Cook  
Levine v. Johanns (poultry and humane slaughter)  
Lewis v. DiDonna (Vet. Malpractice)  
Lockett v. Hill  
Long v. Lewis  
Maldonado v. Fontanes  
Mansour v. King County (animal control/dog due process)  
Medeiros v. Lloyd  
Michael Vick Pleadings  
N.E. Georgia Pet Rescue v. Elbert County, Georgia  
Nahrstedt v. Lakeside  
Nonhuman Rights Project v. Lavery  
Ortega Admin. Hearing  
People of the State of New York v. Sitors (horse neglect/cruelty)  
PETA v. Sea World  
Phillips v. Director  
Powers v. Tincher (Nuisance)  
Proie v. NMFS  
Putnam County Humane Society v. Marjorie Duso d/b/a/ Oakwood Kennels  
Rappaport v. McElroy (Vet Malpractice)  
Richardson v. Primarily Primates (chimpanzee abuse)  
Rodriguez-Porras Complaint and Answer  
Sandle v. Davis (dog damages - shooting)  
Schumaker v. City of Portland, IDA, PETA, et al  
Seagrave v. Atzet (Cal. damages - shooting dog)  
Sheldon Park Tenants v. ACHA  
Shumate v. Mouraux (Damages, Dog Boarding)  
Skaggs v. Walmart (Pet Damages, Product Liability)  
Stein v. Prince (Vet Malpractice)  
Stephanski v. Wimpy  
Taylor v. Burgess, et al.  
Texas Horse Slaughter Complaint  
Toledo v. Tellings  
Toledo v. Tellings - City of Toledo's Appellant Brief  
Toledo v. Tellings - Memo in Support of Jurisdiction  
Toledo v. Tellings - Reply Brief for Appellant  
Toleo v. Tellings - AG Amicus Brief  
U.S. v. Stevens  
U.S. v. Stevens - Brief in Opposition to Petition for Cert.  
United States of America v. Stevens - Petition for a Writ of Certiorari  
Valpiani v. Reising  
Viva! v. Adidas (penal violation use of kangaroo leather)  
Voire Dire Questions  
Williams v. Orange County Animal Control  
Wilson v. City of St. Louis (Dangerous Dog)  
Womack v. Von Rardon (animal cruelty)  
Wysotski Complaint2002  
Zauper v. Lababit