Full Statute Name:  West's Wyoming Statutes Annotated. Title 23. Game and Fish. Chapter 1. Administration. Article 10. Grizzly Bear Relocation.

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Primary Citation:  W. S. 1977 § 23-1-1001 Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  January, 2024 Alternate Citation:  WY ST § 23-1-1001 Date Adopted:  2005 Historical: 
Summary: This Wyoming statute requires that, when a grizzly bear is relocated, that the department must notify the sheriff and issue a press release to the media and sheriff. The press release must provide the date and location of the relocation, and the number of bears to be relocated.

(a) Upon relocating a grizzly bear or upon receiving notification that a grizzly bear is being relocated, the department shall provide notification to the county sheriff of the county to which the bear is relocated within five (5) days of each grizzly bear relocation and shall issue a press release to the media and sheriff in the county where each grizzly bear is relocated.

(b) The notice and press release shall provide the following information:

(i) The date of the grizzly bear relocation;

(ii) The number of grizzly bears relocated; and

(iii) The location of the grizzly bear relocation, as provided by commission rule and regulation.

(c) No later than January 15 of each year the department shall submit an annual report to the joint travel, recreation, wildlife and cultural resources interim committee. The annual report shall include the total number and relocation area of each grizzly bear relocated during the previous calendar year. The department shall also make available the annual report to the public.


Laws 2005, ch. 86, § 1, eff. July 1, 2005.

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