Full Statute Name:  West's Vermont Statutes Annotated. Title Six. Agriculture. Part 7. Bees; Domestic Fur-Bearing Animals. Chapter 173. Domestic Fur-Bearing Animals

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Primary Citation:  6 V.S.A. § 3071 - 3073 Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  October, 2014 Alternate Citation:  VT ST T. 6 § 3071 - 3073

Under these Virginia statutes, the owner of domestic fur-bearing animals enjoy the same property rights as any other domestic animal. No one may enter the enclosure of, or knowingly and wilfully kill, trap, or injure a fur-bearing animal without permission from the owner. A violation may result in a fine of up to $200 and/or imprisonment up to six months.

Statute Text: 


§ 3071 . Property rights

§ 3072 . Brands

§ 3073 . Penalties


§ 3071. Property rights

Fur-bearing animals, wild by nature, which have been brought into and kept in captivity and the increase of the same so kept upon any farm or ranch for the purpose of propagating the same for the production of fur or breeding stock, shall be known as domestic fur-bearing animals. The owner of such animals shall enjoy the same property rights and be subject to the same obligations as to such animals as are provided by law as to other animals commonly classed as domestic animals. The provisions of sections 5207 to 5209 of Title 10 shall not apply to such domestic fur-bearing animals, which shall be under the exclusive control and supervision of the secretary of agriculture, food and markets.


2003, No. 42, § 2.

Formerly: V.S. 1947, § 4889; 1947, No. 202, § 4835; 1943, No. 66, § 1; 1939, No. 93, § 1.


§ 3072. Brands

An owner of domestic fur-bearing animals may file with the secretary of agriculture, food and markets a written and signed statement containing a description or drawing of a brand or tattoo mark which he desires to employ to identify his animals, together with a statement as to the location on the animal where such mark will appear. Such a mark shall be one not in known use by another person and shall not include arabic numerals in its pattern. The secretary shall record such a mark in the name of the owner in a suitable book kept for the purpose in his office, upon the receipt of a recording fee of $3.00 for each such mark. The presence of a mark, so recorded, upon any such animal shall be prima facie evidence of the ownership of such animal in the person in whose name such mark is recorded.


1975, Adj. Sess., No. 220, § 15; 2003, No. 42, § 2.

Formerly: V.S. 1947, § 4890; 1947, No. 202, § 4836; 1939, No. 93, § 2.


§ 3073. Penalties

A person, without the permission of the owner of any such fur-bearing animal, shall not enter the enclosure within which any such fur-bearing animal is kept. No person shall knowingly and wilfully kill, trap, or injure any such fur-bearing animal owned by another person without the consent of the owner. A person who violates a provision of this section shall be fined not more than $200.00, or be imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.


Formerly: V.S. 1947, § 4891; 1947, No. 202, § 4837; 1939, No. 93, § 3.


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