Full Statute Name:  West's Utah Code Annotated. Title 10. Utah Municipal Code. Chapter 8. Powers and Duties of Municipalities. Article 1. General Powers. § 10-8-65. Dogs--License and tax--Destruction, sale or other disposal

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Primary Citation:  U.C.A. 1953 § 10-8-65 Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  February, 2024 Alternate Citation:  UT ST § 10-8-65 Date Adopted:  1898 Historical: 
Summary: This Utah statute, under the chapter relating the general powers of all cities, provides that cities may license, tax, regulate or prohibit the keeping of dogs, and authorize the destruction, sale or other disposal of the same when at large contrary to ordinance.

(1) Subject to Section 18-2-101, a municipality may:

(a) license, tax, regulate, or prohibit the keeping of dogs; and

(b) authorize the destruction, sale, or other disposal of a dog if the dog is at large contrary to ordinance.

(2)(a) As used in this Subsection (2):

(i) “Retired service animal” means a dog that:

(A) at one time was a service animal for the current owner; and

(B) no longer provides service animal services for the owner because of the dog's age or other factors limiting the dog's service capability.

(ii) “Service animal” means a dog that:

(A) is used by a law enforcement agency;

(B) is specially trained or is in training for law enforcement work; and

(C) assists a law enforcement agency in the performance of law enforcement duties.

(b) If a municipality adopts a limit as to the number of dogs a person may keep, the municipality shall allow a person to keep a service animal, a retired service animal, or both in addition to that limit.

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