Full Statute Name:  Tennessee Code 1858: Article VI: Killing Game, Poisoning Fish, Fire Hunting

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Primary Citation:  Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 1673-1676 (1858) Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  December, 2019 Historical: 
Summary: Tennessee laws from 1858 concerning the hunting of game, poisoning of fish, and the use of fire to hunt. The law establishes the punishment for the above mentioned offenses.



SECTION 1673. Every person hunting deer or other animals by fire, and with a gun, in the night-time, is liable to a penalty of fifty dollars; one half to the person suing therefor, the other half to the use of the county.

SECTION 1674. If any person so hunting in the night-time, kills any horse, mare, colt, or other domestic animal, he is liable to double damages at the suit of the owner of the property, in addition to the penalty provided for in the preceding section.

SECTION 1675. If any person send or permit his slave to fire-hunt, he is liable to the same penalties; and, if the slave go without authority or permission, she shall be punished by thirty-nine lashes, under the order of the Justice trying him.

SECTION 1676. Any person who kills the fish in any of the waters of this State by poisonous substances put therein, shall forfeit ten dollars for each offense, one half to the informer, the other half to the use of common schools.

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