Full Statute Name:  Responsible Treatment of Animals

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Primary Citation:  Responsible Treatment of Animals Country of Origin:  Russia Last Checked:  January, 2019 Alternate Citation:  Responsible Treatment of Animals Date Adopted:  2019
Summary: The Law on Responsible Treatment of Animals, signed by Vladimir Putin in 2018, prohibits the killing of animals “under any pretext.” The law also outlaws shooting or poisoning stray dogs and cats, which has occurred in Russian cities in recent years according to news sources. Under the law, owners must keep their pets in proper conditions and homeless animals must be taken-up, vaccinated, sterilized, and then released by local agencies. One of the primary purposes of the laws is to ban petting zoos at malls and the practice of bars and restaurants hosting animals. The conducting of animal fights is also banned under the new law.
Documents:  PDF icon Russia Law on Responsible Treatment.pdf (1.81 MB)

[Please note the attached file is only available in Russian; no English translation is currently available.]

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