Full Statute Name:  West's New Mexico Statutes Annotated. Chapter 17. Game and Fish and Outdoor Recreation. Article 3. Licenses and Permits. Part 4. Penalties. § 17-3-49. Computer-assisted remote hunting prohibited; penalties

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Primary Citation:  NMSA 1978, § 17-3-49 Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  January, 2024 Alternate Citation:  NM ST § 17-3-49 Date Adopted:  2006 Historical: 
Summary: This law makes it illegal to engage in computer-assisted remote hunting, provide facilities for that purpose, create or advertise such software or websites, or keep an animal confined for computer-assisted remote hunting. Violation also leads to a revocation of licenses issued by the state game commission.

A. A person shall not:

(1) engage in computer-assisted remote hunting;

(2) provide or operate facilities for the purpose of computer-assisted remote hunting;

(3) create, maintain, provide, advertise or sell computer software or an internet web site for the purpose of computer-assisted remote hunting; or

(4) entice, possess or confine an animal or bird for the purpose of computer-assisted remote hunting.

B. A person who violates the provisions of this section shall be sentenced in accordance with the provisions of Section 17-2-10 NMSA 1978.

C. When a person who violates the provisions of this section possesses a license, certificate or permit issued by the state game commission, the license, certificate or permit shall be subject to revocation by the commission pursuant to Sections 17-1-14 and 17-3-34 NMSA 1978.

D. As used in this section:

(1) “computer-assisted remote hunting” means the use of a computer or other electronic device, equipment or software to access the internet and remotely control the aiming and discharge of a bow, crossbow or firearm of any kind for the purpose of hunting, taking or capturing an animal or bird; and

(2) “facilities for computer-assisted remote hunting” means the real property and improvements on the property associated with computer-assisted remote hunting, including hunting blinds, offices and rooms equipped to facilitate computer-assisted remote hunting”.


Added by L. 2006, Ch. 86, § 1, eff. July 1, 2006.


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