Full Statute Name:  West's North Carolina General Statutes Annotated. Chapter 153A. Counties. Article 23. Miscellaneous Provisions. § 153A-442. Animal shelters

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Primary Citation:  N.C.G.S.A. § 153A-442 Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  November, 2022 Date Adopted:  1973 Historical: 
Summary: This North Carolina statute authorizes counties within the state to establish, maintain, and appropriate available funding for animal shelters. The statute also describes the standards that animal shelters in the county should meet.

A county may establish, equip, operate, and maintain an animal shelter or may contribute to the support of an animal shelter, and for these purposes may appropriate funds not otherwise limited as to use by law. The animal shelters shall meet the same standards as animal shelters regulated by the Department of Agriculture pursuant to its authority under Chapter 19A of the General Statutes.


Added by Laws 1973, c. 822, § 1. Amended by S.L. 2004-199, § 39(a), eff. Aug. 17, 2004.

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