Full Statute Name:  General Law of Wildlife, article 60 2

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Popular Title:  Mexico Parrot Ban Primary Citation:  article 60 2 to the General Law of Wildlife Country of Origin:  Mexico Alternate Citation: 

The ban prohibits the capture, export and import of 22 Mexican parrot species. The ban on imports was needed because most species are shared with Central and South American countries and many were being imported and used as cover up for illegal trade. The ban was approved by Congress last April by consensus and it was originally drafted after a presentation of a 2007 report, "The Illegal Parrot Trade in Mexico: A Comprehensive Assessment." The report revealed for the first time the volume of the illegal trade of parrots within Mexico. An estimated 65,000 -78,500 wild parrots and macaws are captured illegally each year, with more than 75 percent of the birds dying before ever reaching a purchaser. The measure was passed in late October of 2008.

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DECREE by which article 60 2 to the General Law of Wildlife is added:

The Mexican United States. - Presidency of the Republic. FELIPE DE JESUS CALDERÓN HINOJOSA, President of the Mexican United States, to its inhabitants, know: That the Honorable Congress of the Union, has directed the following DECREE to me:


NEW ARTICLE. An article to the General Law of Wildlife is added, to be as follows:

Article 60 2. - No bird of the Psittacidae family whose natural distribution is within the national territory can be the subject of commercial or subsistence extraction. The Secretariat will only be able to grant authorizations for extraction for the aims of conservation or scientific research. Authorizations for scientific research will solely be granted to accredited academic institutions. It is prohibited to import, export and re-export any bird of the Psittacidae family whose natural distribution is within the national territory. The species of psittacids not included in this article are subject to the provisions of other laws and international treaties to which Mexico is party .

FIRST. - The present decree will enter into force the day after its publication in the Official Newspaper of the Federation.

SECOND. - The authorizations for the extraction of psittacids whose natural distribution is within the national territory granted prior to the publication of the present decree will maintain their validity, but they will not be renewable.

THIRD. - The captive breeding farms of psittacids whose natural distribution is within the national territory, legally accredited by the Secretariat, will be able to continue operating solely with aims of conservation under the terms of the present decree.

FOURTH. - For the effects of the present decree the following are psittacids of natural distribution within the national territory:

Aratinga holochlora
Aratinga holochlora brevipes
Aratinga holochlora brewsteri
Aratinga strenua
Aratinga brevipes
Aratinga nana
Aratinga canicularis
Ara militaris
Ara macao
Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha
Rhynchopsitta terrisi
Bolborhynchus lineola
Forpus cyanopygius
Forpus cyanopygius insularis
Brotogeris jugularis
Pionopsitta haematotis
Pionus seniles
Amazona albifrons
Amazona xantholora
Amazona viridigenalis
Amazona finschi
Amazona autumnalis
Amazona farinosa
Amazona oratrix
Amazona oratrix tresmariae
Amazona auropalliata

- or their equivalents in accordance with the applicable scientific nomenclature and any other bird of the same family that is found within the national territory.

FIFTH. - All the dispositions that are contrary to the present decree are countermanded.

México, D.F., a 22 de abril de 2008.- Dip. Ruth Zavaleta Salgado, Presidenta.- Sen. Santiago Creel Miranda, Presidente.- Dip. Esmeralda Cardenas Sanchez, Secretaria.- Sen. Adrián Rivera Pérez, Secretario.- Rúbricas

In accordance with part I of Article 89 of the Constitution of the Mexican United States, and for their due publication and observance, I issue the present Decree in the Residence of the Federal Executive authority, in the City of Mexico, Federal District, the 13th of October, 2008. - Felipe de Jesus Calderón Hinojosa. The Secretary of Interior, Juan Camilo Mouriño Terrazo.

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