Full Statute Name:  Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated. Chapter 750. Michigan Penal Code. The Michigan Penal Code. Chapter IX. Animals. 750.52. Duty of public officers

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Primary Citation:  M.C.L.A. 750.52 Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  January, 2015 Alternate Citation:  MI ST 750.52 Date Adopted:  1931

This statute provides that it is the duty of the officials involved in animal cruelty investigations to arrest and prosecute those committing the offenses where there is knowledge or reasonable notice of the acts.  The failure or neglect by an officer involved to do so may result in a misdemeanor.

Statute Text: 

750.52. Duty of public officers

Sec. 52. It shall also be the duty of all sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, constables, policemen and public officers, to arrest and prosecute all persons of whose violation of the provisions of the preceding sections of this chapter they may have knowledge or reasonable notice, and for each neglect of such duty, the officer so offending shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.

P.A.1931, No. 328, § 52, Eff. Sept. 18.
C.L.1948, § 750.52.
C.L.1970, § 750.52.


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