Full Statute Name:  Article 13, Constitution of Mexico City

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Primary Citation:  Article 13, Constitution of Mexico City Country of Origin:  Mexico Last Checked:  May, 2023 Date Adopted:  2017 Historical: 

Translation of article 13 of Mexico City’s Constitution

Article 13
Habitable City

A. Right to a healthy environment

  1. Every person has the right to a healthy environment for their development and well-being. Therefore, the authorities will adopt the necessary measures, within the scope of their powers, to protect the environment and preserve and restore the ecological balance to satisfy the environmental needs for the development of present and future generation
  2. The right to the preservation and protection of nature will be guaranteed by the authorities of Mexico City within the scope of their competence, always promoting citizen participation in the matter.
  3. To comply with this provision, a secondary law will be issued that will have the purpose of recognizing and regulating the broadest protection of the rights of nature made up of all its ecosystems and species as a collective entity subject to rights.

B. Protection of animals

  1. This Constitution recognizes animals as sentient beings and, therefore, they must receive dignified treatment. In Mexico City, every person has an ethical duty and legal obligation to respect the life and integrity of animals; these, by their nature, are subjects of moral consideration. Their protection is of common responsibility.
  2. The City authorities will guarantee the protection, well-being, as well as dignified and respectful treatment of animals and will promote a culture of responsible care and guardianship. Likewise, they will carry out actions for the care of abandoned animals.
  3. The law shall determine:

a. The measures for the protection of animals in public shows, as well as in other activities, according to their nature, characteristics, and links with the person;

b. Prohibited behaviors in order to protect animals and applicable sanctions for acts of mistreatment and cruelty;

c. The grounds to promote conservation, as well as to prevent and avoid mistreatment in the breeding and use of animals for human consumption;

d. The necessary measures to address the control of pests and health risks, and

e. The concessions for those who seek to shelter and protect abandoned animals.

For full access to the text of the Mexico City Constitution, visit AnimaNaturalis Mexico, Atlas of animal cruelty.

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