Full Statute Name:  The Animal Welfare Regulations (Defence of Animals) (Raising Pigs and Keeping Them for Agricultural Purposes), 2015

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Primary Citation:  Animal Welfare Regulations 2015 Country of Origin:  Israel Last Checked:  November, 2017 Date Adopted:  2017
Summary: Attached are the Animal Welfare Regulations from 2015 on confined pigs, available in both English and Hebrew. These Israeli regulations ban the use of gestation crates without exception (isolation is allowed for up to a week for insemination, but in a compartment wide enough to allow the sow to turn around) and farrowing crates are allowed only up to 2 weeks after the sow gave birth.
Documents:  PDF icon Israeli pig regulations 2015.pdf (162.21 KB) PDF icon תקנות צבח חזירים.pdf (141.21 KB)
Statute Text: 
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