Full Statute Name:  Iowa Code Annotated. Title XI. Natural Resources. Subtitle 6. Wildlife. Chapter 481A. Wildlife Conservation. Trapping Or Hunting Of Fur-Bearing Animals. 481A.92. Traps--disturbing dens--tags for traps

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Primary Citation:  I. C. A. § 481A.92 Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  November, 2023 Alternate Citation:  IA ST § 481A.92 Date Adopted:  1999 Historical: 
Summary: A person cannot use colony traps for fur-bearing animals except for muskrats. Traps must be labeled with the user's name and address, and must be checked at least once every twenty-four hours, unless completely submerged under water. A person cannot use instruments such as chemicals or explosives to remove fur-bearing animals from their dens.

1. A person shall not use or attempt to use colony traps in taking, capturing, trapping, or killing any game or fur-bearing animals except muskrats as determined by rule of the commission. Box traps capable of capturing more than one game or fur-bearing animal at each setting are prohibited. A valid hunting license is required for box trapping cottontail rabbits and squirrels. All traps and snares used for the taking of fur-bearing animals shall have a metal tag attached plainly labeled with the user's name and address. All traps and snares, except those which are placed entirely under water, shall be checked at least once every twenty-four hours. Officers appointed by the department may confiscate such traps and snares found in use that are not properly labeled or checked.

2. Except as otherwise provided, a person shall not use chemicals, explosives, smoking devices, mechanical ferrets, wire, tool, instrument, or water to remove fur-bearing animals from their dens. Humane traps, or traps designed to kill instantly, with a jaw spread, as originally manufactured, exceeding eight inches are unlawful to use except when placed entirely under water.

3. Conibear type traps and snares shall not be set on the right-of-way of a public road within two hundred yards of the entry to a private drive serving a residence without the permission of the occupant.

4. A snare when set shall not have a loop larger than eight inches in horizontal measurement except for a snare set with at least one-half of the loop under water. A snare set on private land other than roadsides within thirty yards of a pond, lake, creek, drainage ditch, stream, or river shall not have a loop larger than eleven inches in horizontal measurement.

5. All snares shall have a functional deer lock which will not allow the snare loop to close smaller than two and one-half inches in diameter.


Transferred from § 109.92 by the Code Editor for Code 1993. Amended by Acts 1999 (78 G.A.) ch. 40, § 1.


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