Full Statute Name:  Sec. 19.1, Animal Control Department

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Primary Citation:  Eastern Band Cherokee, Sec. 19-19.1 Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  July, 2016

This section of the Eastern Band Cherokee Code describes the purpose of the Tribe's Animal Control Department. The Eastern Band Cherokee Animal Control Code includes Sections 19.1 through 19.7. Each section addresses a different topic within the Tribe's animal control, ranging from administrative purposes to restrictions and regulations.

Sec. 19-1. - Animal Control Department.

The Tribal Animal Control Department shall regulate the ownership, possession, treatment and disposal of animals within the territorial jurisdiction of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, which shall include all lands held in trust for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians or its members and all other lands owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. These regulations are intended to protect the public from unvaccinated, diseased, stray, roaming, or dangerous animals; to enforce the provisions of this Chapter which make unlawful those acts of animals that interfere with the enjoyment of property or the peace and safety of the community; to protect animals from abuse or conditions harmful to their well-being; and to perform any other duties authorized by applicable law.

(Ord. No. 917, 9-24-2001; Ord. No. 80, 1-25-2010)

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