Full Statute Name:  Connecticut General Statutes Annotated. Title 22. Agriculture. Chapter 435. Dogs and Other Companion Animals. Kennels and Pet Shops. Section 22-339d. Municipal Control of Feral Cats.

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Primary Citation:  C.G.S.A. § 22-339d Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  October, 2023 Alternate Citation:  CT ST § 22-339d Date Adopted:  1996 Historical: 
Summary: This Connecticut statute permits municipalities to adopt ordinances requiring registration of feral cat "keepers," defined as anyone who harbors or regularly feeds a feral cat. If a municipality enacts such an ordinance, the ordinance must require the keeper to sterilize the cat and have it vaccinated against rabies. The statute also enables municipalities to adopt ordinances holding cat owners and keepers responsible if their cats cause significant property damage or severe health violations.


(a) A municipality may adopt an ordinance requiring the registration, within one year of the adoption of such ordinance, of keepers of feral cats in residential or commercial areas.  Such ordinance shall require that any such keeper shall register with the animal control officer for such municipality who shall provide information to the registrant regarding the proper care and management of feral cats.  For purposes of this section, "feral cat" means a free-roaming domestic cat which is not owned and "keeper" means any person or organization, harboring, regularly feeding or having in his or its possession any feral cat.  Refusal to permit any animal control officer to impound a feral cat shall be deemed evidence of keeping.  Such ordinance shall require that such keepers shall provide for the vaccination of such cats against rabies and the sterilization of such cats.  Such keeper shall be considered an eligible owner for purposes of the animal population control program established under sections 22-380e to 22-380m, inclusive, provided such cats are adopted from a municipal pound.

(b) A municipality may adopt an ordinance providing that no person owning or keeping any cat shall permit such animal to (1) substantially damage property other than the property of the owner or keeper or (2) cause an unsanitary, dangerous or unreasonably offensive condition.  Violation of such provision shall be an infraction.

(1996, P.A. 96-243, s 1.)


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