Full Statute Name:  Connecticut Humane Society

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Primary Citation:  Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 1879-1886 (1918) Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  October, 2019 Date Adopted:  1918 Historical: 
Summary: Sections 1879-1886 of Chapter 96 from the 1918 General Laws of Connecticut covers in general the Humane Society for Connecticut. Specifically, the sections cover the following topics: the powers of an agent from the society, the definition of an animal, and funding of the society.



Connecticut Humane Society.

Section 1879. Agent of humane society may prevent cruelty to animals . Any officer or agent of the Connecticut Humane Society may lawfully interfere to prevent the perpetration of any act of cruelty upon any animal in his presence, and every person who shall interfere with or obstruct ore resist any such officer or agent in the discharge of his duty shall be fined not more than fifty dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days.

Rev. 1902, Section 2807.


Section 1880. Disposition of animal or vehicle of person arrested . When any person arrested under any provisions of the laws relating to cruelty to animals is, at the time of such arrest, in charge of any vehicle drawn by or containing any animal cruelly treated, any agent of said humane society may take charge of such animal and of such vehicle and its contents, and shall give notice thereof to the owner, if known, and shall care and provide for them until their owner shall take charge of the same; provided, the owner shall take charge of them within sixty days from the date of said notice; and such agent shall have a lien on said animals and vehicle for the expenses of such care and provision.

Rev. 1902, Section 2808.


Section 1881. Agent may care for abused animal. Expenses . Any officer or agent of said society may lawfully take charge of any animal found abandoned, neglected or cruelly treated, and shall thereupon give notice thereof to the owner, if known, and may provide for such animal until the owner shall take charge of the same; and the expense of such care and provision shall be collectible by said society from the owner.

Rev. 1902, Section 2809.


Section 1882. Cost of care of neglected animal, how defrayed by sale. When said society shall provide neglected or abandoned animals with proper food, shelter and care, it may detain such animals until the expense of such food, shelter and care is paid, and shall have a lien upon such animals therefor; and if such expense be not paid within twenty days after such food, shelter and care begins to be so furnished, such animals may be sold at public auction upon giving written notice of the time and place of such sale at least six days previous thereto in some newspaper published in the county where such animals were found.

Rev. 1902, Section 2810.


Section 1883. When agent may kill animal in his charge . Any agent or officer of said society may lawfully destroy, or cause to be destroyed, any animal in his charge when, in the judgment of such agent of officer and of two reputable citizens called to view the same in his presence, one of whom may be selected by the owner of said animal, if he shall so request, and who shall give their written certificate4 thereto, such animal appears to be injured, disabled or diseased past recovery, or unfit for any useful purpose.

Rev. 1902, Section 2811.


Section 1884. Officers and agents to have certificates or badges . Officers and agents of said society shall be provided by said society with certificates that they are such officers or agents, in such form as the directors of said society may choose, or with badges bearing the name or seal of said society, and shall, if requested, show such certificates or badges when acting officially.

Rev. 1902, Section 2814.


Section 1885. "Animal" defined . The terms "animals" and "animal" as used in this chapter, and in sections 6402, 6405 and 6406, shall include all brute creatures and birds.

Rev. 1902, Section 2815.


Section 1886. Annual payment to society from state treasury . A sum not exceeding two thousand dollars shall be annually paid from the state treasure to the Connecticut Humane Society.

Rev. 1902, Section 2816.

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