Full Statute Name:  Reglamento para el control reproductivo de animales de compañía, Decreto 2, 2015

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Popular Title:  Regulation for the reproductive control of pets Primary Citation:  Decreto 2, 2015 Country of Origin:  Chile Last Checked:  June, 2018 Date Adopted:  2015 Historical: 
Summary: This Decreto lays out the regulations for the reproductive control of pets. Its purpose is to control the population of companion animals through the sterilization of these species.
Documents:  PDF icon DTO-2_26-AGO-2015 (1).pdf (49.73 KB)

This Decreto defines companion animals as those animals of the canine or feline species that are maintained by people mainly for company or safety purposes. Responsible possession is defined as the pet’s owner, possessor or holder’s set of responsibilities consisting of providing food, water, shelter, good treatment, veterinary care essential for health and welfare and to not subject them to suffering throughout their life.

Sterilization of companion animals requires prior consent of the owner. Owners may join their companion animals to the sterilization programs of the municipalities or other private or public organizations authorized by law that are established as part of the policy for the  population management of these animals. Authorized centers of sterilization must comply with the minimum sanitary requirements established in this law.

In regards of the sale of companion animals by retailers, breeders and shelters of animals must give purchasers an excellent bill of health with of all the veterinarian treatments up to date according to the species and the specific conditions of the animal, which must be certified in writing by a veterinarian.


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