Full Statute Name:  Ley Nº 20.380 - Ley sobre protección de animales.

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Popular Title:  SOBRE PROTECCIÓN DE ANIMALES Primary Citation:  Ley Nº 20.380 - Ley sobre protección de animales. Country of Origin:  Chile Last Checked:  June, 2018 Alternate Citation:  Diario Oficial Nº 39.477, 3 de octubre de 2009, págs. 3-5 Date Adopted:  2009 Historical: 
Summary: Ley 20.380 is the is the Chilean Animal Protection Statute. It recognizes animals as living beings and establishes the norms for the “recognition, protection and respect of animals” in order to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering. This law punishes animal cruelty with imprisonment of up to 3 years. Labs, zoos, circuses, and other establishments that keep animals for exhibition and entertainment are allowed, so long as they have the adequate facilities according to the species and adequate safety for people. Animal experimentation in schools is allowed under this law. Rodeo, rein-back and equestrian sports are excepted from provisions of this law.
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The Animal Protection Statute establishes that “every person who has an animal to any title, must take care of them and provide them with food and shelter according to their minimum needs and not restrict their freedom of movement unnecessarily, especially if it causes suffering or disruption of their normal development. Transportation of animals must be carried out in a way that does not cause mistreatment or serious deterioration of their health and is in accordance with the species and means of transport used.”

Article 7 requires that experimentation on live animals must be done by qualified personnel (certified in veterinary or medical areas, or related sciences), who will avoid animal suffering to the maximum degree. Animal experimentation in schools and higher education institutions are allowed only “when they are indispensable and cannot be replaced by accumulated experience or alternative methods of learning for the purposes of training.”

Article 11 establishes the use of rational methods that tend to avoid unnecessary suffering for the slaughtering of animals for human consumption.

Animal cruelty and maltreatment is considered a misdemeanor that can be punished by fines and imprisonment of up to 3 years.


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