Full Statute Name:  Canada - British Columbia - B.C. Statutes - Local Government Act - Part 22 -- Miscellaneous Powers - Division 1 -- Regulation of Animals

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Popular Title:  Primary Citation:  R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 323, s. 702.1 - 707.1(10) Country of Origin:  Canada Alternate Citation: 

This set of British Columbia, Canada laws addresses animal control. The provisions give the animal control board the authority to regulate loose animals and licensing of dogs.

s 702.1 Application in relation to regional district animal control service

This Division applies only to a regional district that provides a service referred to in section 797.1(1)(b) [animal control].

2003, c. 52, s. 313


s 703. Animal control authority


Subject to subsection (2), the board may, by bylaw, do one or more of the following:

(a) regulate or prohibit the keeping of dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, swine, rabbits or other animals and define areas in which they may be kept or may not be kept;

(b) require that the owner, possessor or harbourer of a dog, or any class of dog, must keep it, as the bylaw directs,

(i) effectively muzzled while at large or on a highway or public place, or

(ii) on leash or under control of a competent person while on a highway or public place.



For the purpose of subsection (1), "other animals" does not include any animal that the board did not have authority to regulate in respect of, or prohibit the keeping of, under section 703 as it read immediately before its re- enactment by the Community Charter Transitional Provisions, Consequential Amendments and Other Amendments Act, 2003.



Without limiting subsection (1)(a), a bylaw under that provision may regulate the keeping of dogs by requiring persons who own, possess or harbour a dog to hold a licence for the dog.



A bylaw referred to in subsection (3) may

(a) require a separate dog licence for each dog, and

(b) vary the amount of the fee according to the sex, age, size or breed of the dog.



A dog licence issued under this section is for the calendar year in which the licence is issued.



If a fee is imposed for a dog licence, the board may, by bylaw,

(a) provide for the payment of compensation, on a scale set out in the bylaw, to the owner of any domestic animal that is killed or injured by a dog over the age of 4 months, the owner of which is unknown and, after diligent inquiry, cannot be found, and

(b) provide for the maximum sum that is available in any one year for the purposes of compensation under this subsection.

2003, c. 52, s. 314


s 704.

[Repealed 2003, c. 52, s. 315.]


s 705.

[Repealed 2003, c. 52, s. 315.]


s 706.

[Repealed 2003, c. 52, s. 315.]


s 707. Animal pounds

The board may, by bylaw, do one or more of the following:

(a) provide for the seizure, impounding and detention of

(i) unlicensed dogs, and

(ii) animals referred to in section 703(1)(a) that are unlawfully at large;

(b) establish, maintain and operate facilities as pounds;

(c) regulate and establish the fines and fees, including damages for trespassing on private property, to be levied and collected by pound keepers;

(d) provide for the sale or destruction of animals impounded if the fines, fees and other charges are not paid within a reasonable time.

1997, c. 25, s. 128; 2003, c. 52, s. 316


s 707.1 Dangerous dogs


The board may designate a person as an animal control officer as defined in section 49 [special powers in relation to dangerous dogs] of the Community Charter, and, if the board does so, section 49 of the Community Charter applies to the regional district.



Despite section 702.1, a peace officer may exercise authority under section 49 of the Community Charter within the boundaries of a regional district.



[Repealed 2003, c. 52, s. 316.]



[Repealed 2003, c. 52, s. 316.]



[Repealed 2003, c. 52, s. 316.]



[Repealed 2003, c. 52, s. 316.]



[Repealed 2003, c. 52, s. 316.]



[Repealed 2003, c. 52, s. 316.]



[Repealed 2003, c. 52, s. 316.]



[Repealed 2003, c. 52, s. 316.]

2000, c. 26, s. 28; 2003, c. 52, s. 316


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