Full Statute Name:  Code of Alabama. Title 11. Counties and Municipal Corporations. Subtitle 2. Provisions Applicable to Municipal Corporations Only. Chapter 47. Powers, Duties, and Liabilities Generally. Article 4. General Police Powers.

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Primary Citation:  Ala. Code 1975 § 11-47-110, 117, 118 Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  August, 2023 Alternate Citation:  AL ST § 11-47-110, 117, 118 Historical: 
Summary: This set of statutes authorizes all cities and towns to enact local ordinances to prevent dangerous, unwholesome, or offensive conditions and to abate public nuisances.

§ 11-47-110. Animals running at large on streets; driving livestock through streets.

All cities and towns of this state shall have the power to regulate and prevent the running at large on the streets of all equine or equidae, cows, hogs, dogs, or other animals and to pass all laws necessary for the impounding and sale of the animals and destruction of dogs and to regulate and prohibit the driving of livestock in droves through the streets of a city or town.


(Code 1907, § 1285; Code 1923, § 2042; Code 1940, T. 37, § 485; Act 2004-627, p. 1421, § 1.)


§ 11-47-117. Abatement of nuisances, etc., generally; assessment of costs of abatement.

All cities and towns of this state shall have the power to prevent injury or annoyances from anything dangerous or offensive or unwholesome and to cause all nuisances to be abated and assess the cost of abating the same against the person creating or maintaining the same. 


(Code 1907, § 1278; Code 1923, § 2034; Code 1940, T. 37, § 505.)


§ 11-47-118. Maintenance of civil actions to enjoin and abate public nuisances.

Municipalities may maintain a civil action to enjoin and abate any public nuisance, injurious to the health, morals, comfort, or welfare of the community or any portion thereof.


(Acts 1919, No. 49, p. 50; Code 1923, § 2055; Code 1940, T. 37, § 506.)


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