Full Statute Name:  Code of Alabama. Title 3. Animals. Chapter 10. Animal Census Reporting Act.

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Popular Title:  Animal Census Reporting Act Primary Citation:  Ala. Code 1975 § 3-10-1 to § 3-10-5 Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  August, 2023 Date Adopted:  2017 Historical: 
Summary: This statute defines an animal shelter and describes a monthly report that each animal shelter must compile. Among other things, contents of the report include number of strays, adoptions, health-related issues, and costs incurred by the shelter. This report must be made available to the public, though a reasonable fee is appropriate. There is no cause of action created by this statute.

Chapter 3. Animal Census Reporting Act

3-10-1 Short title.

3-10-2 Definitions.

3-10-3 Monthly report.

3-10-4 Report requirements.

3-10-5 Violations.


§ 3-10-1. Short title.

This chapter shall be known and cited as the “Animal Census Reporting Act.”

(Act 2015-433, p. 1379, § 1.)

§ 3-10-2. Definitions.

For purposes of this chapter, the following words have the following meanings:

(1) ANIMAL SHELTER. A public facility, which includes a physical structure, that provides temporary or permanent shelter to stray, abandoned, abused, or owner-surrendered animals that is operated, owned, or maintained by any municipality, county, duly incorporated humane society, animal welfare society, or other nonprofit organization for the purpose of promoting the welfare, protection, and humane treatment of animals. The term animal shelter does not include persons providing temporary foster care to animals in their homes or animal rescue groups, or animal sanctuaries sheltering animals on an individual's property.

(2) PUBLISH. To make available through either electronic means or on paper.

(Act 2015-433, p. 1379, § 2.)


§ 3-10-3. Monthly report.

On a monthly basis, each animal shelter owner, operator, manager, or director shall compile a report containing all of the following information:

(1) The number of animals of each species taken in from all of the following sources:

a. Owner surrenders.

b. Strays.

c. Other animal shelters.

d. Animal control.

e. Other.

(2) The number of animals which have been:

a. Adopted.

b. Released to or claimed by the owner or owners.

c. Transferred to other animal shelter facilities or released to animal rescue organizations and a list of the names of the receiving organizations.

d. Euthanized for any of the following reasons:

1. Overcrowding.

2. Health.

3. Behavior.

e. Died from other causes.

f. Transferred to another entity.

g. Sterilized after arrival.

(3) The costs incurred by the animal shelter for housing, maintenance, feeding, medications, transfer, euthanasia, and other expenses related to the care of the animals and their disposition, excluding salary and benefits paid to employees.

(Act 2015-433, p. 1379, § 3.)

§ 3-10-4. Report requirements.

(a) Each animal shelter shall report the information required in Section 3-10-3 no later than 30 days after the end of each month. Each animal shelter shall make the report available to the public upon request. The animal shelter may compile, publish, computerize, and enter the data or information required in Section 3-10-3 in a form which is compatible with any system utilized by the animal shelter as long as the information required in Section 3-10-3 is included in the report.

(b) The animal shelter may charge a reasonable fee for a copy of the report. Each animal shelter shall maintain the annual reports for a minimum of three years.

(c) Reports under this chapter shall be considered a public record and access to the reports shall not be denied for any reason.

(d) Any report compiled by the owner, operator, manager, or director of an animal shelter pursuant to this chapter shall include a statement by the person preparing the report certifying that the report is true and correct to the best of his or her knowledge.

(Act 2015-433, p. 1379, § 4.)


§ 3-10-5. Violations.

A violation of this chapter does not create a civil statutory cause of action or criminal liability.

(Act 2015-433, p. 1379, § 5.)

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