Full Statute Name:  West's Alaska Statutes Annotated. Title 16. Fish and Game. Chapter 05. Fish and Game Code and Definitions. Article 6. Miscellaneous Provisions. § 16.05.797. Computer-assisted remote hunting prohibited

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Primary Citation:  AS § 16.05.797 Country of Origin:  United States Last Checked:  August, 2023 Alternate Citation:  AK ST § 16.05.797 Date Adopted:  2007 Historical: 
Summary: This law makes it a class A misdemeanor to engage in computer-assisted remote hunting or or provide or operate a facility for computer-assisted remote hunting in Alaska.

(a) A person may not engage in computer-assisted remote hunting or provide or operate a facility for computer-assisted remote hunting in the state. This subsection applies to any person engaged in computer-assisted remote hunting if the game or any device, equipment, or software used for computer-assisted remote hunting is located in the state.

(b) This section does not apply to a person with physical disabilities using equipment or devices designed to assist with the disability while present in the field and meaningfully participating in the act of hunting under regulations adopted by the Board of Game.

(c) In this section,

(1) “computer-assisted remote hunting” means the use of a computer or any other device, equipment, or software to remotely control the aiming and discharge of a firearm, bow and arrow, or any other weapon used to hunt any game bird, game animal, or fur-bearing animal while not in the physical presence of the animal;

(2) “facility” means real property and improvements on the real property associated with computer-assisted remote hunting.

(d) A person who violates (a) of this section is, upon conviction, guilty of a class A misdemeanor. If a violation is continuing in nature, each day the violation continues constitutes a separate offense.


Added by SLA 2007, ch. 33, § 1, eff. Oct. 1, 2007.

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