Recent Animal Law Amendments and Cases

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Animal Law Amendments and Significant Cases

Every year, legislatures amend or change many laws. Some of these changes represent drastic changes to the way animals are treated in the legal system. Other times these amendments only make structural change to the numbering of the laws or minor wording.

In an attempt to provide a way to track change, the Animal Legal & Historical Center created overviews of amendments that have substantially impacted animals since 2008. These changes are presented in summary form or in comparative tables for recent years. Links to the laws are provided.

Additionally, we have tables of cases summarizing those particularly significant animal law cases from the past several years. For any cases after 2010, you can check out our Archives Page to see of a collection of our important cases posted each month. You can also see our page that includes scholarly articles on legislative changes and important cases here .


Overview of 2011 Animal Law Changes


Overview of 2010 Animal Law Changes

Summary of 2010 Animal Law Cases


Overview of 2009 Animal Law Changes

Summary of 2009 Animal Law Cases


Overview of 2008 Animal Law Changes

Summary of 2008 - 2009 Animal Law Cases

Summary of 2008 Ballot Proposals


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