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A Global Perspective on Animals in the Legal System

International Animal Welfare Law Conference – 2004

California Western School of Law



ISBN # 0-9724103-8-4, 198 pages in 81/2 x 11 format.


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Conference Introduction

Almost two years ago the process started. A graduate of California Western School of Law showed an interest in helping fund an international conference for lawyers dealing with legal animal welfare issues. A presentation was made to Dean Smith to obtain the support of the law school and the school accepted the proposal and became a strong supporter of the enterprise that resulted in an International Animal Law Conference in April of 2004.


For a year after approval, contacts were made around the world as we sought out qualified, interested and available speakers. Realizing that the law can only be understood in the context of culture and science, speakers were sought to present the cultural context for animal laws. We ended up with perspectives from China, Africa and the United States. We believed it was also important to have before us some information about animals and our use of them, and so two speakers with the knowledge of science were also invited. Understanding that most of the audience was going to be from the United States, we knew it would be important for them to understand the nature of the issues faced by those who deal with animal issues around the world. To help in this education we had four key speakers:

• Poland – The Story of Confinement Agriculture

• Ghana – Efforts to deal with Stray Animals

• Russia – The Challenge of Obtaining New Animal Laws

• China – The Moon Bears in Confinement

Next on the agenda was the development of an understanding of differing domestic legal systems. Four speakers addressed this issue:

• Australia

• New Zealand

• Portugal

• India

Finally, as might be expected, there was a focus on the international aspects of animal issues:

• How the European Union Operates

• The WTO and animal issues

• EU Treatment of Animals

• Dolphin & Tropical Fish Trade

• The Impacts of Globalization

• A Global Agenda from the Humane Society International

• The Great Ape Legal Project


Table of Contents

Conference Introduction ... vi

Conference Agenda ....... viii

Animals in a Globalized World ........... 1

by David Favre

The Attitude Towards and Application of Animals in Traditional Chinese Culture .................... 9

by Song Wei

An African View of Animals ...... 25

by Shadrack Arhin

Minding Animals, Minding Earth: Old Brains, New Bottlenecks ....... 27

by Marc Bekoff

Moscow Authorities’ Policy Towards the Problems of Strays in the City ............ 55

by Elena Maroueva

Stray and Feral Animals in Urban Areas ...... 67

by Shadrack Arhin

Global Agenda .................. 73

by Neil Trent

Animals in Research ........ 83

by Ray Greek, MD

Opening the Laboratory Door: National and International Legal Responsibilities
for the use of Animals in Scientific Research – An Australian Perspective
....... 93

by Katrina Sharman

Five Years of the “New” Animal Welfare Regime: Lessons Learned from the
New Zealand Experience with Farm Animals and Animal Welfare Legislation
...... 111

by Peter Sankoff

Animals on the Farm, a Polish Story ........ 137

by Tom Garrett & Dr. Agnes Van Volkenburgh

Ending Bear Farming in China ........ 143

by Jill Robinson

Compassion and the Indian Judiciary ...... 147

by Raj Panjwani

Trade in Live Dolphins ....... 157

by Linda M. B. Paul

European Union Law on the Welfare of Farm Animals ....... 165

by Peter Stevenson

The Recent Development of Portuguese Law in the Field of Animal Rights ................. 173

by Fernando Araújo

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