Full Ordinance Name:  Gold Bar, Washington Code of Ordinances. Title 6 - ANIMALS. Chapter 6.02 - KENNELS, GROOMING PARLORS, AND PET SHOPS. § Sec. 6.02.019 Foster care or rescue or placement.

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Primary Citation:  § 6.02.019 Date Adopted:  2014 Jurisdiction Level:  Washington Last Checked (local ordinances are no longer checked and are kept only for archival and example purposes):  August, 2014
Summary: This municipal code provides the provisions for foster care or rescue placement program for dogs and cats. The code requires the shelter to maintain records. The code also limits the length of fostering and the number of dogs and cats that an individual may foster at one time.

§ Sec. 6.02.019 Foster care or rescue or placement.

Any animal shelter licensed under the provisions of this chapter providing a foster care or rescue or placement program for dogs and cats shall provide those individuals serving as the providers with documentation identifying the individual as a bona fide care provider and a description of the animal in their care. A shelter placing an adult dog or cat in foster care or rescue or placement shall provide a collar with an identification tag establishing the animal as an animal from their shelter. All animals placed in foster care or rescue or placement in the City of Gold Bar must maintain a current City of Gold Bar pet license. The shelter placing the animal shall be responsible to maintain records with license tag numbers of the whereabouts of each animal placed with a care provider including the name and address of the provider and the length of time the animal has been in foster care or rescue or for placement. These records must be available for inspection upon demand of the licensing authority. No dog or cat shall remain in foster care or rescue for more than six (6) months. Any dog or cat remaining over six (6) months shall lose its identity as a foster care or rescue animal and is subject to the licensing requirements set forth in Title 1 and Title 6.

Any individual providing care on behalf of a licensed shelter may not shelter more than four (4) adult dogs at any given time. In addition, if a care individual or facility keeps, maintains or houses at least four (4) adult dogs for more than six (6) continuous months, the individual provider must obtain a private kennel license pursuant to Section 6.02.003.


(Ord. No. 658, 5-20-2014)

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