Full Ordinance Name:  Beech Grove, IN Code of Ordinances. TITLE IX: GENERAL REGULATIONS. CHAPTER 90: ANIMALS (§§ 90.04D, 90.25 - 90.30. 90.99).

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Primary Citation:  Beech Grove Code of 1984 §§ 90.04D, 90.25 - 90.30. 90.99 Jurisdiction Level:  Indiana Last Checked (local ordinances are no longer checked and are kept only for archival and example purposes):  September, 2013

In Beech Grove, Indiana, a dog's ears may only be cropped by a licensed veterinarian and only if a licensed veterinarian signs a certificate stating that the operation is necessary for the dog's health or comfort. Any person convicted of violating this provision shall have his or her permit to own a dog revoked and shall not be issued a new permit for a period of 1 year. This person shall also be fined anywhere between $10 and $200



§ 90.26   REGULATIONS.

§ 90.27   FEES.


§ 90.29   REVOCATION.

§ 90.99   PENALTY .

. . .


(D)  No person shall crop a dog's ears except when a licensed veterinarian issues a signed certificate that the operation is necessary for the dog's health or comfort and in no event shall any person except a licensed veterinarian perform such an operation.

('67 Code, § 90.15) (Ord. 5-1973, passed 6-18-73)  Penalty, see § 90.99

. . .


(A)   No person shall, without first obtaining a permit in writing from the Clerk-Treasurer, own, keep, harbor, or have custody of any animal over three months of age, except that this section shall not apply to the keeping of small cage-birds or aquatic and amphibian animals solely as pets.

('67 Code, § 90.02)

(B)   The sections of this chapter requiring a permit shall not apply to nonresidents of the city who are keeping only domestic pets, provided that animals of such owners shall not be kept in the city longer than 30 days and that the animals are kept under restraint.

('67 Code, § 90.08)(Ord. 5-1973, passed 6-18-73)  Penalty, see § 90.99


The Board of Public Works and Safety shall promulgate regulations governing the issuance of permits and such regulations shall include requirements for humane care of the owner's animals and for compliance with all provisions of this chapter and other applicable state and local laws.  The Board of Public Works and Safety may amend such regulations from time to time as it deems desirable for the public health and welfare and to protect animals from cruelty.

('67 Code, § 90.03) (Ord. 5-1973, passed 6-18-73)

§ 90.27  FEES.

Upon a showing by any applicant for a person that he is prepared to comply with the regulations promulgated by the Board of Public Works and Safety, a permit shall be issued following payment of the application fee, as follows:

(A)   For each male dog, or spayed dog, $2.

(B)   For each male cat, or spayed cat, $.50

(C)   For each unspayed female dog, $10.

(D)   For each unspayed female cat, $10.

(E)   For each animal of other domestic species, $10.

(F)   For each wild animal, $50.

(G)   For each kennel or pet shop, covering all animals kept during the year, $100.

(H)   For any zoological garden or animal act, covering all animals kept, $50.

(I)   For each livery or riding stable, covering all horses kept, $150.

(J)   For any abbatoir, stockyards, hatchery, livestock, auction, or other place where livestock or poultry are regularly bred, kept, offered for sale, or slaughtered for commercial purposes, covering all animals kept during the year, $l,000.

(K)   No fee shall be required of any humane society, veterinary hospital, or municipal animal control facility.

('67 Code, § 90.04) (Ord. 5-1973, passed 6-18-73)


A permit, if not revoked, shall be valid for one year from the date of issue. A new permit shall be obtained each year by every owner and a new fee paid.  If there is a change in ownership of an animal or facility, the new owner may have the current license transferred to his name upon payment of $1 transfer fee.

('67 Code, § 90.05) (Ord. 5-1973, passed 6-18-73)

§ 90.29  REVOCATION.
The Chief of Police may revoke any permit if the person holding the permit refuses or fails to comply with this chapter, the regulations promulgated by the Board of Public Works and Safety, or any state or local law governing cruelty to animals or the keeping of animals.  Any person whose permit is revoked shall, within ten days thereafter, humanely dispose of all animals being owned, kept, or harbored by such person but no part of the permit fee shall be refunded.  It shall be a condition of the issuance of any permit to any owner of animals kept for commercial purposes that humane officers and police officers shall be permitted to inspect all animals and the premises where animals are kept at any time and the Chief of Police shall, if permission for such inspections is refused, revoke the permit of the refusing owner.

('67 Code, § 90.06) (Ord. 5-1973, passed 6-18-73)


Upon issuing a permit to keep any dog or cat, the Clerk-Treasurer shall issue to the owner a durable tag, stamped with an identifying number and with the year of issuance.  Tags should be so designed that they may conveniently be fastened to the dog's collar or harness.  Dogs and cats must wear identification tags or collars at all times when the animal is off the premises of the owner.  The Clerk-Treasurer shall maintain a record of the identifying numbers and shall make this record available to the public.

('67 Code, § 90.07) (Ord. 5-1973, passed 6-18-73)

. . .

§ 90.99  PENALTY.

(A)   Any person violating any provision of this chapter for which another penalty is not provided, shall be deemed guilty of a punishable offense and shall be punished by a fine of not less than $10 nor more than $200.  If any violation be continuing, each day's violation shall be deemed a separate violation.  If any person be found guilty by a court of violating § 90.04, his permit to own, keep, harbor, or have custody of animals shall be deemed automatically revoked and no new permit may be issued for a period of one year.

('67 Code, § 90.99) (Ord. 5-1973, passed 6-18-73)




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