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TX - Lien, veterinary - § 70.010. Liens for Veterinary Care Charges for Large Animals

This Texas law relates to veterinary liens for large animals, defined as ivestock or a cow, horse, mule, ass, sheep, goat, llama, alpaca, farm elk, or hog. The term does not include a common household pet such as a cat or dog. A licensed veterinarian has a lien on a large animal and the proceeds from the disposition of the large animal to secure the cost of veterinary care the veterinarian provided to the large animal. The lien attaches on the 20th day after the veterinarian first provided care to the large animal and attaches regardless of whether the veterinarian retains possession of the animal.

TX - Ordinances - § 1.08. Preemption

This law provides for preemption of state criminal laws over the laws enacted by governmental subdivisions or agencies.

TX - Ordinances - § 215.032. Exhibitions; Shows; Amusements

This statute authorizes municipalities to prohibit or regulate circuses, exhibitions, and menageries.

TX - Ordinances - § 826.034. Restraint; Criminal Penalty. This Texas statute provides that a person commits an offense (Class C misdemeanor) if the person fails or refuses to restrain a dog or cat owned by the person and the animal is required to be restrained under the ordinances or rules adopted under this chapter.
TX - Rabies - § 826.022. Vaccination; Criminal Penalty.

This Texas statute provides that a person commits an offense (Class C misdemeanor) if the person fails or refuses to have each dog or cat owned by the person vaccinated against rabies and the animal is required to be vaccinated under applicable state law or local ordinance.

TX - Rabies - § 826.045. Area Rabies Quarantine.

This Texas statute outlines the parameters under which a rabies quarantine area may be adopted.  If this occurs, it may call for the restraint of carnivorous animals and the transportation of carnivorous animals into and out of the quarantine area.  While the quarantine is in effect, the rules adopted by the board supersede all other applicable ordinances or rules applying to the quarantine area.

TX - Rabies control - § 169.22. Definitions This code is the definition section for the Texas Administrative Code's regulations on rabies control.
TX - Racing - Art. 179e, Texas Racing Act This Texas Act was enacted for the purpose of strictly regulating horse racing, greyhound racing, and pari-mutuel wagering. The Act created the Texas Racing Commission which is charged with regulating and supervising every race meeting that involves wagering on the result of greyhound or horse racing. The commission must adopt rules for conducting greyhound or horse racing as well as rules for administering the Act. A person is required to apply for a license from the commission in order to conduct a greyhound or horse race where wagering is to take place. A person is also not allowed to participate in racing involving pari-mutuel wagering unless they obtain a license form the commission.
TX - Registration - Subchapter C: Regulation of Dogs

Chapter 822, Sections .031 through .035 address the regulation of dogs.  Specifically, these provisions cover the registration requirements, prohibit unregistered dogs from running at large, and enumerate the treatment of dogs that attack other domestic animals.

TX - Rehabilitation, wildlife - Subchapter C. Wildlife Rehabilitation Permits

This chapter of Texas regulations provide the requirements to obtain a wildlife rehabilitation permit. The qualifications to obtain a wildlife rehabilitation permit are also outlined. General facilities standards and inspection requirements are provided.